1. What man just past out uh

    What man got too fucked up ye

    What tryna get that buss down uh

    What man can feel dat come down uh

    What man can’t ever be like dem

    What see my bro too fire with that pen

    What man ain’t 50 still I got some sense

    What my account ain’t been have a pence

    Like when


    When will I get change

    So I can splash it on a range and pretty lil chain

    Fuck the fame in the rain grinding I don’t even play

    I’m insane but man only calm down off the Mary Jane

    Like oh my my
    I’m so fuckimg high I’m so fly

    Man got mob ties with my guys

    Ye I got a sweet one looking fine
    I’m alive so Ill stay hustling till I die


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