Farming Simulator 19 – 10 Tips & Tricks; not only for beginners!

Following video guide shows 10 tips & trick, that may be usefull for Farming Simulator 19 players: both for beginners and even for pro-players. You’ll find some …


  1. Leasing tractors can actually be super helpful because when you need to get bigger tractors with at least 300 horsepower for roughly 200-250 thousand dollars

  2. I’m stuck on how to empty that hello thing it says 84 percent wheat where do I empty it thanks lol

  3. Does driving out of the field with attachments lowered damage them? Do i have to raise the everything i am turning on the field?

  4. Most the trailers are not semi trailers bub. Most are in fact, just trailers. In order for them to be a semi trailer, they have to have a kingpin that hooks to a 5th wheel on said semi truck. And normally, this kingpin is underneath said trailer. What you are showing, does in fact, not have a kingpin or anything like that. In fact, they are not designed to hook to a semi truck. So get your facts correct before making a public video about you not knowing how to plow. Oh.. wait.. oops.

  5. Tells you what to do but not why. Not saying that those are bad tips and tricks, but I wanted to understand why I should do it this way. Just telling me "do this, do that" isn't helpful.

  6. Game difficulty is not exclusively tied to starting options, but the economy setting which determines harvest, yield, and animal products / byproduct values, not to mention number of sell points. Significant oversight. The most important aspect to farming success is production / effort efficiency, which drives everything in the game.

  7. Actually, you get more money from starting on easy mod and selling everything, also, good video👏👏👏

  8. Lol, I buy expensive stuff, then exploit the bank and by more expensive stuff, then let the extra 10,000 some slowly pay off my loan until I can get more money, then I let that pay off, etc, etc…

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