1. Ok I understand why you say your dipping I likes it's because your trying to explain something that you really cant simplify wy not just some us how to build the da thing instead of trying to ramble on dumbass no one wants to learn half the shit your spitting it get to the build idiot

  2. I think some of your math and eletrical understanding is fuzzy. Also you should be able to run your LED's in parallel. Don't for get your inductor to protect your led's

  3. Growmau5, what is the best budget grow light for a 2×4? Is building your own light much more cost effective? I saw your video for the Chilled 2×4 light that you said is the best. Could a diy light be as good with reduced cost?

  4. @Growmau5 Hey man, I have a mean well HLG-320H-C1750B running 4 chilled logic pucks on custom algae scrubbers I built for my aquarium. It's too much. Can this driver safely run just 2 pucks?

  5. Why does 6 1 watt leds light but a seventh one in series and all 7 blink on and off? 3.3 to 4.3 measured leds. One white one red. Different strings in series. Not enough volts 36 or not enough mAmps?

  6. Good video very informative as you were explaining efficiency I realize you were talking about Ohm's law. Basically the higher the voltage you run the amperage will drop down automatically and the watts stay the same. Using higher voltage with anything is more efficient. And since you have to match LED voltage with driver output you're also spreading the load and the heat will be lower due to view material in between the LEDs.

  7. Great video. Can you do a video on replacing a blown LED driver? I bought a 1500W 225 LED Grow Light UV Growing Lamp. It worked great for 4 weeks, then the driver blew. I am trying to either purchase or build a replacement driver but have had no success. A video on how to determine how to chose the right driver based on the information on the existing driver would be very helpful.

  8. Hey GrowMou5.

    ZuluBuds here from South Africa.

    Love the work you do. It’s helped me with a lot of questions, but I am stumped at the moment. Currently waiting for part to build a LED Light out of mostly upcycled or second hand materials. I have bought the 3w with a FV of 3.6 – 3.8v and FC 700mA LEDs new. My issue is the drivers I have are all 12v output. The only way I can wire them is in sets of 3-4 LEDs in series and those sets wired in parallel. My question is, do I need to add resistors? And where on the circuit do I add them. Also Should I bridge a resistor from + to – on each LED so that is one we’re to blow the others in that series would still work. Eg + would be connected to the LED and the resistor (slightly higher resistance than that of the LED) and then the resistor bridges over to the – of the LED. I also have a few 10w LEDs that I was thinking of integrating into the light. Hope you can help.

  9. Thanks for these videos I appreciate it. Trying to save money and understand this vital component to growing indoors. This is the first vid I have seen from you, I learned a lot from migro you tube channel, now your are completing my training.

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