1. I listened to this song on acid, I really felt like I was gonna die happy right then and there……..then I pissed on my friends roof cuz I couldn't get to the bathroom soon enough. Then I got scared cuz I thought I saw the trees move toward me. Then I almost off the roof. Anyways guys, take drugs stay High!!! Jk jk.

  2. the camo fit is everything. they all look so good in this video, how,?? i don’t understand their beauty. truly astounding, angelic voices and extreme talent. so glad my bsf showed them to me.

  3. Arkadaşlar slö (xd) Türk var mı bilmiyorum ama gidip ezhel'in küvet şarkısının başına bakıp gelin. Oğullarım çalmaz demek istiyorum ama…

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