Charles Eisenstein on CoronaVirus, Conspiracy, and Diverging Timelines

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  1. Yes if you question anything…you are the enemy. It is vicious out there. It’s concerning. And disturbing. Lies, hatred, lack of empathy and paranoia gone rampant.

  2. New heaven and new earth is speaking to your on realty. The kindom is at hand points to this but it up to you to live it

  3. This was a difficult conversation to listen to. Part of me wants to say.."Those who stand for nothing…..
    Part was thoughtful.
    Part was…(damn) Intellectuals! who take forever to express a thought!
    Part was…well if thoughts become Things, we are doing ourselves a world of hurt by 24/7- ing Q info.
    Part was…omg what if we are wrong? My kids Will Never listen to what say again. I'm still hearing it about Y2K planning.
    These are incredibly difficult times. We already aren't sure..who…what to believe. We are making a Whole lot of ppl wrong. The West says…Did it happen? The East says….What does it mean?
    IF….we Collectively have created the shit storm we are in….and it might prove out, we did. That's there No Boogie man Out There….to blame, take down, destroy..
    That means there only Me. My fears. My beliefs. My assumptions. My cruelty. My desire to punish others. My lack of love.
    I've gotten away from this Earth being a Master Classroom for souls to grow through. I'm going to try an experiment….shut off all things News, Including YT. See how my life unfolds. Does it matter whether I Know. Believe. Agree. Disagree?
    It's really pretty outside. I'm going to re balance. See if I can break my obsession with spending hours on this topic..watching YT. Long Comments. Sharing. Getting upset.
    I'll let you know.

  4. It's interesting…I've been thoroughly disgusted with both parties for Years. Started saying I was Fiscally conservative (how Exactly does a Govt spend more than they bring in Year after Year?) And Environmentally more liberal..
    ..protect our National Parks. No fracking. Make Free Energy available. Never bought into Global warming. Certainly not beyond normal cyclical events Unless you research Weather modification. I DO NOT BELIEVE BABIES AND THEIR DIAPERS HAVE CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING.
    I also have said for years that Capitalism has run amuck…way too much power over our Government by these 'protected' Non-human entities. With the understanding out there now that our Media, TV shows, movies are in the hands of a very few… blatant censorship everywhere we look….coordinated narrative from a few talking heads…..Monsanto's free run tyranny over farmers who didn't want their GMO seeds (Terminator Seed)……the revolving door…..Monsanto mucky mucky..then FDA head….then back to Monsanto….again and again over years. Poisoning of our ground and waters thru Chem Trails by WHOM? No One Knows? ??! .remember Love Canal et al…..the travesty of fluoride added to our water (a by product of aluminum needed to ditch)…..So many more examples exist…we all
    Feel the power of Corporations to run roughshod over us.
    Then we have hijacking of our 'health' care. US is a Cut & Burn "care" system (surgery & radiation our only options). Preventative? No. It's Illegal for an Oncology Doc to discuss Alternative/ Healthier options with their patients
    .And they are compensated well to quiet their conscious – 6% for every Oncology drug prescribed. Big Pharma CONTROLS Medical Schools. Doctor updates. Who walks right into the Docs office as a room full of patients wait? Yep. Pharma Reps. With newest marketing and samples. Pharma also controls Advertising. What we Believe we know. The narrative on Supplements. The Availability of Supplements. The whole HCQ tempest is NOT about whether it absolutely does. It's Not even about its safety (They really don't care…Approx 400,000 people die from taking Doctor Prescribed meds properly….and let's not Even talk about the huge increase in Neurological issues with the littler guys….due to Vaccinations.).
    It's about CONTROL AND MONEY.
    Perfect example….Most adult women have Thyroid issues as get older. A perfectly good supplement Armour Thyroid…was bought over the counter for years and years. Reasonable. Then this Big hoopla started. It wasn't safe. It wasn't legal to take. It got harder and harder to find. This was a Doctor Recommended product. Just didn't require a prescription. Finally it was pulled from the market. Only Synthroid & derivatives were available With all their side effects…short term memory loss being 1 of them….Increasing numbers for Alzheimer's diagnosis anyone? Required a prescription. Much more expensive. Then lo and behold! Forrest Pharmaceuticals bought the rights to the now defunct product they had bashed. And in Prescription form
    ArmourThyroid is once again available. But way more expensive.
    Soooo from my perspective…it's a bit of a risk to trust Anyone in a Position of True Power. Odds are..they will abuse it.
    It appears that good things are happening. But there's also concerns…some of the Rights the Federal Government is taking….or could take will be mighty dangerous in the hands of the same people that Created the Deep State. Just like Patriot Act. Homeland Security….WE clamored for protection. Now flying has become a major pain in the ass. Does anyone feel safer? Not me. More surveillance. More opportunity for low level bureaucrats to abuse their power. More stress
    I think we need to be Very Careful what Rights we give away. No matter the reason. They will be more than happy to take them. And we don't ever get them back.

  5. Greet you, Sean. I wanted to share my point of view from Münster, Germany (the city Naomi Seibt is from). 5 years ago I thought Trump would lead us to ww3 but over the last year I realized that he represents the military forces that began to separate from the deep state with the murder of General Patton, after he said, stop murdering the German prisoners, they are the bravest people. Also I heard that they don't chemtrails any longer in Germany but the US sprays germanium for the people to wake up. If all that is true, if the children are saved and the Satanists are locked up, we have to thank the Americans very much. I want to believe they failed and we are already safed. But I can't wait for my freedom and the freedom of my people. We will hopefully celebrate for weeks when we are finally free. Everybody needs to stand up now so it will soon be possible to finish that satanic agenda ongoing for thousands of years. Thank you very much for your work.

    Liebe Grüße,
    Loris Poltronieri

  6. Thanks Sean. I really enjoy your program. Your show is one of my favourites. I always look out for you in my notifications. I have learnt so much and I truly enjoy your truthful and calming approach and too your Christian view. I have had my mind opened and have had to readjust everything globally during this lock down. I watch your every youtube here in Australia and I am very thankful for you being my news. You also have great guests too and I have enjoyed them all! Keep up the great work. And thank you so very much again.
    Kindest Regards,

  7. Knowing and seeing the oppressor is the first step to liberation. But as within so without, the oppressor becomes a learning experience to enable empowerment. Myriad and simultaneously contradictory truths can be true at the same time, he is talking about the multidimensional nature of reality. But this doesn't change the fact that there have been victims and perpetrators, we have to witness this in order to fully incarnate and claim our own sovereignty over this earth experience where deep polarity exists.

  8. He is operating from a lofty perspective. It's useful to be able to do this however, there is hard evidence regarding this 'conspiracy' thing. I'd recommend looking at Sascha Stone information, he used to be the director General of the UN, his info helped me understand the law and structures we've been living with. He has created tribunals to bring justice back to the people, and expose the truth about this underlying dark structure. He has an interview with a woman named Bibi who is a lawyer and exposes the truth about the foundational frameworks we live with.

  9. I'm a few minutes in an I love this guy. Yes, right and left are dissolving. The right and left are wings of the same bird. There's preditory versions of both left and right. But its like an argument about whether architypal male or architypal female principles are best. There was a recent crop circle in the UK of the yin yang symbol, I think this is closer to what's really happening, return to oneness and balance.


  11. Sean and Charles thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful dialogue! 🙌🏽💓💪🏽🙏
    Sean my heart flip flopped in a good way when I saw notification you were speaking with Charles. Beautiful. Thanks for being courageous, authentic and humble actors. Both of you have a ripple larger than you can imagine.
    Over 10 years ago I purchased Sacred Economics….reading it resonated a truth I sought my whole life and gave me the hope, connection and courage to positively impact myself and those around me.

  12. The Coronavirus, Covid-19 Is A Man-Made Offensive Bioweapon / PSYOP Launched By The Deepstate And Globalist's Through China To Hit The United States And Crash The Economy!🔥

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