Can legal marijuana stop Mexico’s drug cartels? | The Stream

Mexico is set to fully legalise marijuana, a move proponents of cannabis believe will help curb rampant gang violence. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez …


  1. As someone who's lived in the US and Mexico I can say that no… I don't think Mexico legalizing marijuana would stop the cartels. I think it might slow them down but stop… probably not. Now if the US decided to legalize it along with Mexico that would be a better deal! Most of the marijuana in Mexico is exported to the US so if there is no demand then there is no business right?

    BUT that also means the US needs to curb it's drug addictions as a nation. Most of the drugs in the world are cultivated and shipped, a lot of the times through Mexico, to the US since they are the largest consumers.

    In other words… GET. IT. TOGETHER.

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  3. What has that got to do with anything? The cartels & the wars are about trafficking, and trafficking is about making tons of money…. One can't really make good money by selling weed.

  4. We also need to change the whole framework in which we understand the so called "war on drug trafficking". We must stop using terms like "surrender" and understand that this is a matter of protecting the public and enforcing the law, not dealing with an insurgency with an ideological interest or claim to power. Language like this only serves to embolden and romanticize what are essentially common criminals.

  5. Weed isn't cocaine and cocaine users don't want weed so I think this is a stupid question… if you want to stop cartels you have to legalize all drugs, but even then if they can make a profit in an illegal market they will find it.

  6. Yes, there are many other drugs and businesses the cartels are in. Legalising Marijuana is a huge step because it should be legal, cartels or not. The decriminalization and control of the other drugs while providing treatment and alternatives will take the biz away from the cartels. But Marijuana is a good start. There are way too many people sitting in prisons all over the world because of the prohibition of a medicinal plant. Mexico has an extremely serious problem. This is a step in the right direction. America needs to stop being the market for hard core drugs. However there's still tons of meth that's destroying our society being produced north of the border. So other countries should do the same or else the black market will only grow and the cartels will dominate. Criminalization overloads the judicial system and drives it underground. That war will never be won. God bless Mexico.

  7. Marihuana nothing has to do with Cartels. They sell cocaine.
    If they legalice it, it will happen the same than in Uruguay. Marihuana is legal here. But in the other hand, cocaine is still being ilegal.
    So drug dealers are still working

  8. When you look at the strength of the legal weed, the verity and the derivatives like dabs and oil, there will be a gradual reduction in the use of the dangerous chemical drugs over time.

  9. It can be part of a larger strategy to stop the cartels, but if course in real life you have solve many different problems to create the desired results.
    But with legalization you no longer criminalize cannabis users and thereby you give them their human rights back, which the UN has to deal with someday instead of just looking away and keep their worldwide schedule 1 category of cannabis, right next to heroine.

  10. U see how smart the Mex. Gov, is? Since they are loosing money on Weed. Now they will legalize the drug. Mex, Gov is so corrupt! They get a personal tax from the drug Lords. They should spread the drug wealth among the poor. Than they will not have to come across the boarder.

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