BoxyCharm Summer June 2020 Luxe Unboxing 😎🔥

Products Displayed: Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner Foaming Face Wash | $24 Purlisse Beauty Perfect Glow BB Cream SPF 30 | $35 Tula Skincare Glow & Get It …


  1. I feel myself being very underwhelmed. The thought of a box coming up used to excite me so much! Sadly, Im losing interest. I hope i don't get the face sculptor or the oils. I think I'm going to cancel luxe. Its just not what it used to be.

  2. Hey guys I hate to complain I really do but I haven’t received my pop up order for the month of MAY !!! I really would like to get my products. Today is Saturday June 13 th please let me know something I know Joe said to email you but it says not to do that often. And I’ve done it once …. thank you I love boxycharm I really do please help us I’m sure I’m not the only one …

  3. I picked the tula and swell, I really want the CBD cream but I haven't seen a variation that has it with the items that I picked for choice. 😔😔 I think I'm going to be canceling Boxycharm all together and check out one of the other makeup subs out there..

  4. When are they going to be shipped? This is my first month of Luxe and premium. I just signed up for all 3 in May. My May base box was shipped 2 days after I subscribed. I was VERY disappointed because I didn’t get any of the stuff they had shown for the May variations. I couldn’t even get charms for reviews because you have to review what’s in your box, and none of the stuff I got was listed. Now I’m waiting and waiting for this month boxes to be shipped, hoping that I actually get what is advertised.

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