1. Bourjois Blushes are The Best in the world! I have one of them for like 10 years now and It´s still in a great shape. It NEVER ENDS. I feel like I will able to use it until I die. After all this years it doesn´t even Smell like this old cosmetics. It´s still like new and still soooooo pigmented. Reccomended 100%.
    This make up you´ve made loooks SOOOO Pretty i loved It!

  2. girlll I know the video is a year old but I still need to know: in your video you say you use the foundation in shade 55 and 56, but on the screen is says 55 and 58… which one is it? lol

  3. Can't believe the quantity of foundation this girl is putting on her face, when she has a nice and young skin to start with… she will only ruin her skin on the long term…

  4. So beautiful. Bourjois used to be available in the US. Amazon sells some of their products. I wish they would come back to the states! I love your nails, BTW 🙂

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