1. I was pleased you made reference to geography. So many videos on edible wild plants never do, or refer to approximate dates of when to find them that are completely wrong for my latitude.

  2. other people watching this vid are probably thinking about science things and paying attention, but me? well I just can't stop thinking about how the Mycena acicula would make a perfect hat for fairies lmao

  3. I saw videos of you (Adam) from eleven years ago while you were still in the heavy metal rock band and although you always come across as a polite person, now that you have broadened your education, one can see it in your face. Not just more knowledge but a higher level of wisdom. My wife and I have three kids that are a little younger that you and I want them to study your content and you yourself as an example of someone making something out of themselves. Young people like you are rare, unfortunately.

  4. I found a chicken of the woods growing on what was either a maple or Oak tree, but I forgot now. It was more reddish in the middle. What variety did i find? I did eat it so it was not poisonous!

  5. So you were talking about the mushrooms that light up the night/glow
    I got to see this but its not easy walking through forest in darkness and leaving with both eyes and tip or easiest found night lite cap, though about getting a kit but i couldn't pay for Glow kit ,That they exists at all is a testament to how Amazing these little friends of the forest, friend to man,and little trash men working their best to help every thing!
    The common stuff I hear I am a dummy wasting my time or the people that make me really want to help the solution going on in there teeth are one good sneeze for blowing those hi speed teeth
    To running away from home! Shut the gum bumping ****up about looking around for caps.
    They must been we are under cover mushroom hunters, I will have some people spun out when I go look for Glowers ..

  6. Hey hi Adam … I liked ur video becoz I found its very genuine and ur true efforts to make others understand it .. so very well done Adam 🙌… and I want to ask u could u plz advise me any good book on Cordycep’s militaries, I am very much interested to study it so it will be very helpful if u could recommend any good book on Cordycep’s militaries… Thank you keep it up ur good work 👍

  7. Please if you would answer this question? I have only seen one yellow lady slipper in my entire life. I am 64 years old, and it was when I was about 8 years old here in Barrington, RI. Just asking if anyone, or everyone, if they too have seen yellow?

  8. You bring out a very good point. I have theorized by the same coin that herbal remedies will affect different people who will suffer/enjoy the same maladies/cures in different ways due to their own variations. These variations stemmed primarily from the different blood types which carry the different variables of immunities, among other things. For examples see the book "Eat Right 4 Your Type" by Peter J. D'Adamo, M.D.

  9. Just getting to be the season up here. Can't wait to see your next videos!
    Unfortunately I don't have access to any older forests, but I got one decent forest I can go to that's given me driads saddle and chicken of the woods. Maybe more, but I just don't know enough yet

  10. I wonder if it makes a difference which conifer. Some pine is to be avoided while others can have a tea made from the needles and one can use other parts of some pine trees as well.

  11. Very informative video as usual Adam! Most of these mushrooms don't even grow in the UK where I live, but you're still my favourite fungi Youtuber! 😀

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