1. Everyone be careful buying this product.
    It has the Prop65 disclaimer on it. Which means that this product contains chemicals that can be harmful in many ways including respiratory issues.

  2. Great video, thank you very much for the review. I love the size of the chamber for flower. 👍 I do happen to have two questions, especially since I'm looking to purchase a new vaporizer.
    Right now I'm still using my Arizor Air Solo 1st edition. I still love the Solo 1st edition but I wish I could add more flower so I wouldn't always need to do multiple sessions. So to my questions.
    1. You stated the mouth piece get warm. Does it get hot enough that it might cause damage to the product forcing us to purchase new mouth pieces or is it's temperature warm from usage? Or does it just get warm enough to notice but can still be fully functional?
    2nd question is, I haven't jumped to far into concentrates but that "coil thing" we're supposed to add in the chamber, won't that need to be changed or cleaned ( if possible) each time I'll be trying a new cannabis strain? So sorry for the long post just very curious and still new to being a MMP. Thanks in advance.
    This product does look promising

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