This video I break down the common sense of military drug test to if it’s a concern do not get tested. Also if you’re considering joining avoiding and and all drugs …


  1. please someone answer soon as possible. i talked to my recruiter and told him i have not participated in marijuana use but i lied. i havent signed anything yet.
    3 days ago i mistakenly took an edible that i didnt know had thc in it while working on one of my vehicles with a friend. i thought it was just a pack of sour strip candies but it was something a bit different to say the least. i know i can be clean by time i go to meps.
    is it ok for me to come clean with what happened? tell him that i was afraid to come clean ? i hate that i lied but i was afraid what would happen if i told him. i have worked so so hard to lose weight and get in shape. i dont want this to hold me back

  2. Do they test for marijuana in hair blood and urine or only urine? I ask because I've quit about a month ago and my urine I should be clean any week but if they take blood and hair samples then will I fail if I pass the urinalysis but they still find marijuana in my blood which is likely as it takes longer to clear the system this way ..

  3. Has any of y'all used to smoke cigarettes days before Joining bootcamp? Man I ship in 2 days and I haven't quit yet. How bad would it affect me in bootcamp?
    I have good fitness tho. I did the 1.5mi in 11:44(best time is 11:28). I don't worry about passing the pfa because I can do it, but the withdrawal of nicotine. Man I'm fuckd! Welp!😂😂🤣

  4. Been 6 weeks and just took the FULL physical at meps. Just praying everything comes out negative! I was informed during part of my physical that I have to do a vision consult. Now I'm just praying that it goes smoothly and my BIG test comes back negative… Should know within the week if I waited long enough… 🙏 From what my recruiter says about the consult, that should be easy and painless… Just need the main test to come back in my favor 🙏

  5. just letting anyone out there know if you are worried about a hair folicle test in the military don't be. They are not going to waste the money on that. they use piss test that you can buy at the local walgreens or cvs.

  6. bro marijuana does not take 30 days to get clean (for very heavy smokers) im 45 days in and still dirty smh. they should legalize it already, weed takes so much longer to get clean than alcohol its ridonkulous

  7. If you guys smoke weed, just be clean until the days lead up to meps. Make sure you purchase a detox drink called QCarbo40 and drink it in the morning before you go see the doctors. Lots of cranberry juice and water and running and sweating. Stay away from sugar.

  8. I stopped smoking 5 days ago. Im going to the airforce and had to only do meps but i put it off months ago cause i was smoking with my friends. Any advice or precaution for entering the DEP program ?

  9. I am a regular smoker but I haven’t smoked in 3 and a half months and im really scared idk if im going to pass the drug test or not i took it today and swore in will i pass 😬

  10. I take 100mg sertraline how long will it leave my system. I havent took it in 3 months but I slipped and took 1 one time. What should I do.

  11. I smoked weed and I'm going to meps can I back out and just try to go in a month

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