During the winter cold months our skin and lips tend to feel extra dry and cracked and is generally when we step our beauty game up a little more. Specific areas …


  1. yall are spoiling us with all of these long videos! i’m about to put y’all on the big tv and watch from there 😂😂 a video from the glamtwinz means a tv episode with snacks!

  2. Great picks as always 🖤💚 have y'all tried Laneige lip masks? Sooo bomb… Eucerin Original Healing cream? OMG I love it! That's for face and hands only but for the body? Shea Moisture body oils or natural oil like Jojoba or Almond are the best & Jamaican Black castor oil for the hair 🤗

  3. What kind of dry shampoo do the two of you use? When wearing my hair straight I use dry shampoo to lengthen the time of my staying straight, just looking for another product.

  4. I love the face oil by Drunk Elephant. I am unsure if you have tried any products by the brand "the farmacy." It's another "clean" brand sold at Sephora. There honey potion mask is the bomb. It has revamped by skin from the dryness of the winter living on the east coast. They also make a great makeup cleansing bomb.

  5. My skin is so dry in the winter that after I lotion I still have to apply Vaseline. People need to stop sleeping on it when it comes to dry skin, as it seems to seal the moisture in. White on chocolate 🖤.

  6. how do you balance protein and moisture/ my hair is transitioning and it's very brittle and has been breaking off. I've been trying some recommended products from your videos, likepureology and redken products, idk maybe my hair reacts differently, and i am more of a kinkier texture like a 4b. plus i love you guys locs,….so beautiful….love yall

  7. I thought i was the only one who got dry patches around my nose and mouth in the winter so I will definitely try the recommendations y'all gave. Y'all gone have us glistening in the winter and I love it. Love you ladies!!!❤️❤️

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