Why working from home is good for business | The Way We Work, a TED series

As the popularity of remote working continues to spread, workers today can collaborate across cities, countries and even multiple time zones. How does this …


  1. This days a lot of people worldwide lost their jobs and their incomes. Many of them right at this moment are struggling financially.

    So, what actually matter is not which type of industry you are in. What matters is if you want to do some additional work from home or not! So here is couple of suggestion that helped me in online business from home: https://www.majkic.net/eng/news/sci-tech/1035-how-to-start-online-marketing-from-home-without-any-prior-experience-in-online-business

  2. If your living in the west you'd loose out, co,s will only pay peanuts for talent its what globalism is all about.
    A guy in india would work from home for a fraction of a western home worker , hardly rocket science is it?.
    covid- 19 the perfect way to get people to learn about working from home, the only winners are the employers.
    Thats why you have immigration nice cheap slaves opps labour!

  3. Very Romantic, how about, no health insurance, 7 /Hr, Like UBR no employee just another contractor, No human resources, Yes you are free, competing with all around the world, You are a Genius!!!

  4. Great video. If most people would work from home instead, it would be so much easier on the environment, besides all of the other advantages you mention..

  5. With such an environment, no need to quit your job to travel around the world. You are able to do your job and travel at the same time!

  6. I work from home and it's f#%king lonely. It's great not having to commute but my work requires to travel all over the country and when I am at home it's nice to recharge, but it's very isolating. Also, half my home has been taken over by work and costs me in heating and electricity all day.

  7. I work for a remote company that helps connect other remote workers so you aren't dealing with some of the problems people discuss here like being in isolation or loneliness. Traveling with the Hacker Paradise group is the only way I've been able to survive three years on the road without going crazy. The big benefit for me of doing this as opposed to just socializing with your coworkers in an office is that you get more power to choose who you want to be with and they generally align more with my interests.

  8. I work from home and it is a great experience. I'm willing to forgo better opportunities, just to stay here. I live in the country, but have 30mbs (somehow) wifi. One thing I have learned though is that it is nice to have colleagues in the office. For easy questions. Leave emails for business… text or skype chat (whatever) for other things. Use the web camera!

  9. I cant work from home… i cant concentrate when i hear my kid crying or asking for his time.
    If i am physically in office, then i m mentally in office. Same way speaker mentioned its better to hire japanese than a japanese born in california… its better to be in location… physically n mentally

  10. Exactly. Im a game developer and i choose to work remotely because i live in Iraq and in Iraq there are no game companies, so the best and most efficient way to for me is to work from home. At least for now, im planning on moving to another country😊

  11. And some jobs like being a NANNY are severely cheapened You by working from your own home! For example I'm I can fetch 15$ to $55 (1 or 2 babies) an hour working outside of my home but the second I move my business into my home I need at least six babies/kids to make $30 an hour….

    The math that doesn't add up when you're paying for individualized personalized care of an infant.

    And that's not to mention all the service jobs, what a white collar bullshit story that doesn't apply to most of us!

  12. “Talent and intelligence are equally distributed throughout the world, but Opportunity is not” This is an amazing insight, if more companies adopted this mindset, they would find much more fulfilled employees.

  13. Remote working opportunities are great for a work-life balance. As rightly pointed out in this video, not just the employees but also the employers are benefited at large. By stretching geographically, employers can hire the best quality resources from a vastly spread out talent pool.

  14. I do love the idea of working from home as an office. However doing so requires so much structure and will power. After all the place you consider your 'relaxation zone' now could be a place of stress and your work-life line gets much more blurry when you work from home. People start to think you are available at all hours.

    I only work from home on Fridays, which is nice and in the future I'd want to have a system and more 'office' like workspace so I could increase the number of days I work from home each week.

    I waste so much time commuting so working from home 2 or 3 days of the week seems like a great way to get time back.

    Overall I'm conflicted on the idea, but I definitely think the pros beat the cons IF the person working from home is able to focus on working and is able to balance their work and life.

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