1. There won't be another stimulas check people wake the f+ck up already. 😂😂😂 The Senate, government, president and 1% doesn't give two shits about the people that doesn't effect their wallets.

  2. Shit like this wouldn’t have happened 200 years ago our fore fathers wouldn’t have stood for it … so why do we let this shit fly now we need a revolt people it’s time for another war right here at home we need to get rid of all politicians and let the people decide our own futures!!!!! 1776 ppl

  3. I got $1200 in my bank today…. not sure what it was for. It said “Economic Impact”. I have a son with disabilities and gets Social Security so I’m. It sure if that is what it for…. wish I knew.

  4. Dude change your title. What are you a CNN or Fox News? Families are literally living paycheck to paycheck and seeing something like your title is such a misleading hope builder. Are you trying to give the news factually or in your self-interest?

  5. They can do that s*** right now they can go in and just do what they already did. This is our grandparents and their parents fault they let the government get too much control and get too big. When we still actually had a Fighting Chance. Now with todays technology we are severely outmatched when we try to go up against the government.

  6. My Stock Market Productivity & Earnings?! Why am I not paid for the work I have accomplished with the Money Market TD Ameritrade, E*trade,AOL, Google, Yahoo,ect my name is Roberto Williams 3 Hilltop Ave. Foxlake, Illinois,60020 USA.ph# 2244261312 and updated ph# 2248148447 ! My name is Roberto Williams I'm the Google user and accounts owner I need my pay for the work I have been accomplishing! E.I.N.# 27-0125579 were is my Stock Market Pay & Earnings?!

  7. This second stimulus
    Are we going to have to
    Pay this back? If so Iris Martin from
    The NYC don’t want it. I’m a single mom with one grown son and do not want to owe the state any money at the end of the year. I would rather have them freeze my rent.

  8. Do ya think that bunch get enough days off? I think we should just let them set at home and pay them for doing nothing that seems to be what we're doing anyway.

  9. What do they want to wait and see? How many more people are going to loose their job, Go homeless and starve! Did they forget that the only reason they are in there is because the american people voted them in there. They need to pull their heads out of their butts and do the job that they were elected to do and that is to take care of the american people! They need to put their differences aside and come together to help the american people. This isn't about Democrat or Republican its about a sense of urgency.

  10. to manyf**** ideas and proposals they need to do something they need to get off their dead ass and go to work and figure something out THEY ARE THE ESSENTIAL PEOPLE that are allowed to work and they're not .They are taking a freaking week long vacation get in there and get the s*** done. Motherfukers get your job done and do it. So they take a recess at every holiday plus they get paid five or six weeks

  11. So are stimulus checks simply advances on our tax returns? I keep reading conflicting information. A google search says it is NOT, but I'd like to know what your thoughts are.

  12. How about NOBODY in the U.S votes ! Im NOT voting for no one ! They wanna take us as a fuckn joke..okay 2 can play that game..they aint doing shit for US the public noway! Soooooo is our vote really going to count ?…. I DOUBT IT ! FUCK VOTING AND FUCK THE GOVERNMENT!

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