What I've Learned from Healing Adrenal Fatigue

If you’re body is unhappy, you’re bound to be unhappy… I wanted to give you guys an update on my adrenal fatigue and share with you how I healed it and what …


  1. I am enjoying the info at the moment repairing hormonal Inbalance found out through my irregular menses. I feel my ride side adrenals and workout is lightly repairing the issues. Thanks MJ

  2. You know whwat you can do with you "vegan" garbage. I am not a rabbit. I am not a squirrel. I am an OBLIGATORY CARNIVORE! I CAN'T digest your plants. I am not a cow. I am WESTERN CIVILIZATION HUMAN! I have never felt better than since adopting #PALEO diet. I eat ANIMALS and DAIRY at EVERY SINGLE BITE! And I eat every 2 hours. Lean & trim too! 😎

  3. I have always suffered from "burn-out". A boom then bust m.o. I love coffee but can't partake because I know from experience that the bill will arrive for my "good day", and I will be wiped out for days.
    That's what caused me to look up "Adrenal fatigue".
    Is that possibly what I have ? and if so how do I help my Adrenal glands ? I have no other problems, am lightly built, and have no medications. I eat masses of good bread + and several ounzes of Jam pet day, plus all manner of fruit+ veg, and a little meat + fish, but the Cats get most !! I'm only 72 yr.
    Ideas welcome

  4. I’m in such a bad adrenal crash right now after catching covid. It was crashing before but now it’s terrible. It’s so scary. Your video has given me hope!! Thank you!

  5. Oh, but it is your fault, lady. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Insanity. 🙄
    Cut out the fucking carbs and fast. I'm animal based, carnivore. I intermittent fast everyday, and I'm ripped. Stop eating, fatty! 💪😎

  6. Hi there, thank you for your message. 2 years ago I suffered a mental breakdown/burnout and was hospitalized for near suicide. It was from being over worked and heart broken. I am 29 now. Can I fully recover? Thank you. I am seeing a phsycologist and phsyciatrist, just terrified about going back into work

  7. Your video says How I healed my adrenal fatigue? I am looking for answers anxiously because I'm suffering and all I get is the same long story on the reasons and not the solutions isn't what I was expecting, sorry dear but I'm disappointed to be tricked to go to your other videos to find the answers.

  8. So many questions here, so if you've covered in a specific video, let me know.
    I've been working at healing from Adrenal Fatigue after having been given a steroid 16 years ago. Some days I can walk more than others which is still very minimal. I understand though, with Adrenal Fatigue, you just can't PUSH through the exercise/fatigue. I also HAVE to eat meat proteins or my body starves.My diet is balanced with meat and complex carbs and vegetables. I can't even eat fruit except berries and only once in awhile. 
    You make sense when talking about the balance between insulin and cortisol, but calcium and magnesium also play a role in controlling insulin balance. My doctor says that my body just isn't holding onto the minerals which has a lot to do with the balance of cortisol. It seems a vicious cycle.
    Endocrinologist know nothing about this and don't want to talk to you when they hear Prednisone was involved. So, I believe this can be overcome because I have improved in 16 years by being able to at least walk from one end of my house to the other before having to rest. But how to get past that point.
    I'm curious and hopeful for your thoughts. Thank you.

  9. I don’t believe she has ever coded numerous times due to an Adrenal Crisis.

    To live with a MILD CASE there are very very vague tips. But all I took from her talk was she spent A LOT MONEY for nothing.

    If my Endodrine Doctor doesn’t have a simple solution, how can you?

  10. Thanks so much for sharing your story and being so transparent. When I speak with patients, adrenal fatigue is a HUGE place where we start otherwise the thyroid, progesterone loss and gut dysfunction can ensue. Healing the adrenals and how we show up in life is massive!

  11. I have a question . My legs got like twigs after Adrenal fatigue, did your's get like that too? If so, what have you done for this? Thanks you MJ for all your wonderful videos.

  12. I'm so happy that I found your channel, I know I'm suffering from adrenal fatigue, I went through an abusive relationship for four years, and afterwards I was exhausted- I haven't been the same for a year and a half! Thanks for all of the information !

  13. If you want to know EXACTLY how I healed (and not what I learned) watch this video here… NO BS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o4y6HkY0Wo
    On this video 4:207:25 There are 5 clear steps I elaborate (blood sugars & pH, lifestyle, moving, recovery, and balance) The solution to this complex issue cannot be but summarized in a video… If you're looking for how I ate to cure my adrenal fatigue, that video is here:* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8QzkRGWR6M

  14. Thanks so much for this video! I’ve been really trying to amp up my workout game and I was feeling the best I felt in months. Due to my increased activity, I convinced myself that I could eat as much sugar, calories, and food as I wanted as long as they were somewhat balanced. I deviated from my health-centric plant-based diet and started eating junk food to compensate for my fatigue. I felt off, a bit anxious and slightly down, unsure of how to proceed in my workouts with such low levels of energy. Your video helped me get back on track and find what was wrong with the way that I was living my life. So, thank you!

  15. I like your way of thinking and how it’s helped you but do you have something like a plan or guide as to what to do and eat? I’ve become very well versed on adrenal fatigue which is actually HPA axis dysfunction, but as for a good recovery plan, I have yet to find. Thanks

  16. All these so called gurus who barely give anything away after talking for 10 mins as a tool to make themselves money preying off the known desperation of those of us with andrenal fatigue.

  17. So will you please share more detailed information about how you restored your energy. What supplements did you take? Did you do intermittent fasting? Did you eat several meals a day? You didn't really explain what you did to heal your adrenal fatigue.

  18. I'm not functioning at all, adrenal fatigue drains us of the motivation to do anything about it. It is a nightmare being tired and ill all of the time.

  19. Adreanal fatigue is not a real thing if youre not producing enough cortisol then you have priamary or secondry adreanal insufficientcy and trust me you dont want to be ai if you feel like your cortisol is low please get checked out

  20. Thanks so much for this video! I've been going in circles with my mental and physical health for four years now! Finally had a test done showing my cortisol is very low and out of balance. Going to focus on fixing it now 😊

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