1. I don't understand why did I get shortness of breath after 1 year of vaping, everywhere I looked there is no research the vap is bad, any help is appreciated guys, I use to vap every 30min for 5 to 7 puffs and each puff was around 4 seconds at least, was i doing a lot? when i stopped vaping completely or did vay less that befor the shortness of breath was gone.

  2. You're a beautiful doctor, but your explanation is bull. I stopped smoking and switched to ecig and it helped me alot, like alot. Last check up was last 2016 and my lungs are pretty damn fine. Vaping since 2014.

  3. The Vitamin E Acetate is in absolutely 0 legal, regulated, and reputable companies as far as vaping e liquids as well as the LEGAL thc cartridges goes. The biggest issue there is that THC is still a federally classified Schedule 1 Drug, making it very difficult to have the labs and equipment to ensure good, quality liquid. Legalize it federally, these issues are minimized. Also, standard e liquid manufacturers are well aware that vaping something that is chemically an oil is a bad idea, and I would love to see what reputable and legal e liquids are using these oils in their juices, because there are none that I am personally aware of. Enough fear mongering. Let's look at the number of youth smoking, I believe we're at or near an all time low in the US? Has that been brought up? People fear change, and the people in charge fear their pocketbooks becoming empty because of a lack of kickbacks from Pharmacueticals and Tobacco companies.

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