What Are Derealization & Depersonalization Disorder?

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  1. Unfortunately, there is no cure except time and routine.

    I know, that’s probably not the answer you wanted. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear. But that’s the unfortunate truth.

    As of now, there is no magic pill. Yes, anti-anxiety does help, but it’s not a cure. It just reduces the chances of your episodes.

    By time, I mean giving it time. Yes, some people reading this might say they had it for 5 years and they still have it… I know. And if you’re 3 months in and you just read that last line, it might sound terrifying.

    But the best advice I have ever read is that you have to carry on as if you didn’t have it. In other words: fake it til you make it.

    You have to develop a routine. You have to develop a way of getting your mind off things. You have to figure out how to stay distracted. You have to figure out how not to become obsessive.

    One thing that I did was play chess. Yes, the pieces were wonky, and I could’ve sworn that they changed sizes in front of me. Yes, I had to drink tea instead of coffee when I went to the cafe. Yes, I had to act normal around friends, even when I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown… but by concentrating on the game and our daily conversation, I was able to keep my mind on something else.

    I developed five routines. I worked out when I woke up. I played chess around noon. I ran in the evening. I meditated at night. And I prayed before going to sleep… I don’t think any of these were less important than the others.

    So you need to develop a routine. You need to stay distracted by something. And for the love of all that is holy, please please please do not do drugs (even caffeine) or drink during this time.

    Please read my book. It is my personal experience and how I overcame this struggle. It’s only $1 or free if you have an account:

    The Projection: A Story of Depersonalization – Kindle edition by Garcia, Christian. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

  2. Sometimes I feel like I’m underwater , all my memories from 14 and younger are normal but I think I feel sooo messed up and I just wanna be normal again .

  3. Ive been dealing with this for 4 years now… Ever since I was 13, im now 17. Its not a fun thing to experience. It feels like a bad high, you feel mentally numb and its like your vision is broken or something. If that makes sence. It seems to have its good days and bad days. I recommend, staying active or doing something to distract yourself from it. And get into a state of mind of accepting it, because through accepting it you'll be able to concur it. I'm going to create a dpdr community on Facebook for those who need to talk about it, or find some peace in finding people who have it to. Comment below if you want to be invited!

  4. Ive went to countless therapist and psychiatrist and I was never able to describe what I was feeling, all I knew is that I felt sad. Nothing feels real to me. I just feel like a robot in autopilot all the time. I wasn't able to say that before. So every time I went I just ended up saying that same thing. All my life I knew that there was more wrong with me than anxiety and depression, this is why.

  5. Has anyone else had a dp episode while they were perfectly calm, without any triggers? I was out at the carnival with my family and my best friend when it hit me. I was very happy up until that moment. Then it lasted for two weeks.

  6. Please have a read on a part of my experiences:

    One reason is that I day dream a lot, mostly about the near future. These day dreams are visualizations of the near future, of what possible situations can emerge if I did this or did that. And so, when any of those or something like anything happened in any of the visualizations, happen to me in real life, a sharp signal hits my brain and my brains begins to investigate.
    As the brain begins to investigate, I tend to lose focus on what I was doing or trying to do, and go into a deep trance where I feel like I am not existing and all of it around are just part of a simulation. Or like I am watching myself standing or sitting still in a state of trance, in front of me. No emotions or feelings at the moment. Like time has stopped ticking..
    Another thing that happens to me is that.. for example, I’m a reading a book loudly. My brain again begins to investigate whether its reality (or something else.. Don’t know how to articulate that), my brain…. I don’t know.. goes into a standby for like 5 seconds, and then comes back.
    During those 5 seconds, something very weird happens. My eyes twitch, I cant understand the language I’m reading, my brain freezes, no information is processing. Seems like some outside force is trying to invade my mental turf.. Something…..
    I can literally write a book on this, because each time this happens, I feel something different and its scary. A little worse than sleep paralysis. At least sleep paralysis has happened to be just twice or thrice.. But this stuff keeps happening to me, like once every hour of the day.
    My eyes have got highly sensitive to light, that even if some amount of light hits my eyes, they begin to water. At night, I can sense the slightest of movements, which keep me awake all night. I’m turning into something I literally can’t understand what is going on.
    At least I haven’t lost the skill of articulating my feelings and experiences onto paper.
    Some of the visualizations can come true in real life, something expected can happen right?.. But when this expected situation happens, my mind or brain (I don’t recognize who) tells me that this is not true or real.
    Not everybody can understand what I am telling you here.. If you are among the few who have experiences slightly like what I have mentioned here, raise your hands and make me feel better and accepted in the real world. Thank you for sacrificing your time and reading a part of my (real/unreal) thoughts.

  7. Had this for 388days now, since having a panic attack after smoking weed! It happened during my finals at university so I couldn’t complete them, my granddad passed away and loads of other things have gone on since then! I’m too scared to kill myself so I don’t know what to do

  8. It’s like if you are wearing a Halloween mask, and all your senses are focused into the black peripheral on the side of the eye holes. You can consciously identify what’s in front of you, but your brain doesn’t naturally perceive it unless you really try. This is my general experience with it, and it sucks. Totally aware, but unable to change.

  9. I’m not sure if I have this but recently while online a bunch of ads for face masks popped up even a Kim Kardashian line 🙄 and it made me feel like this world is fake almost like being in a movie where things just don’t seem real.

  10. I remember one of these times during dr where I was with my friends at lunch in the art classroom and there were craft knifes (sorry if this is a sensitive word for anyone) and I was putting it to my palm, and when I all of a sudden noticed I just started laughing about it.. but it was a seriously dangerous situation because if I hadn't of slightly snapped out of it I could've been hurt

  11. Everybody says weed can be a cause and although I don’t disagree with that, when I smoke it takes me away from DR and I’m actually high instead of constantly feeling like I’m partially high and disoriented. I’ve been finding that I rely on substances like weed and alcohol to escape that dreamy feeling by going full on into it. It’s worrisome but I try to keep it in check.

  12. the first time i felt so fucking out of it was when i got the worst trip after i had smoked too much during nov 2019. during that bad trip, my whole body went numb, i couldn't think properly for 5 whole seconds, i felt my heart beating so fast and i even felt the inside of my body shaking but when ppl touched me, i wasnt even shaking. but even tho i felt that shaking within me, i still felt physically gone like i dont wanna say it was like i died but god i felt like i wasnt even there at all. i never got that feeling again until probably jan/feb of this year. i would be in class and i would zone out into another dimension. once i realized that i had zoned out hella hard, i would start questioning my environment like even my own body and like my brain felt out of place. it was pretty ironic that i started learning about mental disorders in my psychology class around that time and once we get to disassociative disorders, i knew i had something related to that and with research i had no doubt. my most recent episode was today which lasted like 1 min but i've never seeked professional help since it comes so randonly for a minute or two. if it gets severe then i will but thankful i found the resources to know what i have. youre not alone you got this!

  13. Suffered from depersonalization like 10 years ago. I was an observer of my own environment. I felt like interacting with others was more like acting. Really didn’t care about anything happening in my surroundings. Felt like I was experiencing everything through the lense of a camera. I believe that it was triggered by a bad depression and moments of deep delusion. Really sad how an entire year can pass without feeling any type of joy or true excitement. I must have beaten this now and I’m thankful for that! 🙌🏻 Life is great, seek for help 🙏🏻

  14. How should I feel ?
    Totally integrated with my psyche and my surroundings ?
    Really ? In this day and age ?
    Have you read Baudrillard ? DeBord ? Laing ? Foucault ?
    Anything about existentialism, nihilism or late stage capitalism ?
    It's not pleasant, I don't recommend it, but maybe the derealized, depersonalized are in some way ahead of the curve ?

  15. I have started learning about derealization and depersonalization lately. Idk if I have it. I m trying to figure it out. I always felt like I was never in touch with things around me. I could be there, I'd be conversing and sometimes even doing the tasks I am supposed to but I felt like I wasnt really there. I didnt hace that "being in a dream" or "floating" sensation but I feel so detached and disinterested in every day things and thoughts and activities.

  16. I have this disorder and I was wondering if it causes attention disorders too? Because I cant concentrate for sh*t and I never had that problem before all of this. I also have minor migraines and my ears are constently doing beeeeeeep

  17. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a movie in first-person and it's like what's happening around me is fake and isn't really happening. My vision gets a bit blurry and my mind gets very slow. When this happens I find it very hard to properly concentrate and I don't know how to "wake myself up." Is that what this is?

  18. After I have a dream, I feel like I am still in that dream, like last night I had a dream I had my leg blown off by a grenade and today I felt like that leg was in pain and that I was really soecial

  19. Been depersonalized for around 3 or 4 years now. It doesn’t really go away. One thing she didn’t touch on is there is not really any medications that treat it. but it does get better.

  20. I think from meditation, it worsened my derealization and depersonalization.
    As I constantly focus on a single point, in this case, I focus on my breathing or my navel movement, I'm detached from everything else.

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