1. I looked everywhere for a video on DID/osdd and weed, everywhere, at last I found this video, and I'm already subscribed to you since before! Now I like you even more, lol 🙄Weed is the only thing that gets most of us through the day, it helps us communicate, it helps us meditate – which helps us in many other ways, well you know how it is, I could write an essay about all the benefits 😏 Would love it if you made a new video on this topic!

  2. We appreciate this because we rely on cannabis medically and would love to see it normalized further. We also use it to communicate, as well as to help manage our chronic pain, seizures, tics, autistic meltdowns, depression, panic disorder… SO many things. <3 – The Chasms

  3. I smoke pretty often and if its the right strain, its amazing. I am more present as an alter and i can actually track switches and tell who is around in headspace. I like weed but its not for everyday for me

  4. okay so i just recently the last couple of months realised that i may have OSDD. i used to smoke a lot of weed before, cause it helped with several things, but one thing that almost always happened was that when i was high i used to “talk to myself” inside my head, but with different voices. i always thought i was going crazy, but i just now realised from your video that it may have been me communicating with my headmates??

  5. I just discovered your channel and have only recently been learning more about DID and OSDD after stumbling across Dissociadid and Piñata's channels. So, first, thanks for opening up and sharing with all of us, I'm a geek for human behavior and brains so it's lovely of you all to share. Also a partaker of the mari-jew-anna, it can be so helpful! Oh! And your hair is fabulous. 😊

  6. In my family we have this deal that if you do not smoke anything at all, then mom and dad pays for the drivers license. It’s an awesome deal and so far I’m the only one out of the three children in my family who hasn’t fucked it up. 🙃 also I’m pretty sure it completely illegal here in Sweden sooooo….😅 imma just go ahead and stay clean.😂

  7. We've never smoked in the body, but we have an alternative who is a heavy stoner inner world. He really wants to get some for the rest of us to try outter world.

  8. yayyy I find cannabis is so helpful for us. It's so wonderful for our anxiety and helps with communication between us. It also helps me (R) relax in general, and allows us to feed the body since we can never remember to do that lol. Our Jess smokes before going out for photography sessions and definitely helps her creativity. I personally find it useful for quieting crazy chatter when I cant handle it when I'm overstimulated -Rachel

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