1. I wish he would do a podcast where he talks about nothing but this and the things he has slowly come to realize and have guests that could contribute. Not just one person, but multiple.

  2. usually when I eat too much carbs it makes me more anxious and even depressed I feel like if you have a well-balanced diet and exercise and also consume the right amount " your own definition " of CBD and THC ratio should be smooth sailing from there.

  3. Heightened senses from the Amygdala causes a different perception of your reality,reactive introspective and aware of memories,radio waves,television signals,low frequency tones and a greater reception of them within causing your thoughts to grasp and react to what is perceived as an outside influence or threat ,over thinking them .Alexa google Dr Nick Begich.

  4. I’m an anxious person and can take 1,000 mg edible and feel great and not freak out. The human body is different for everyone and everyone reacts differently so I don’t agree with that young doctor saying he dosnt think an anxious person can handle it I don’t think it’s that black and white

  5. Doing shrooms unfortunately changed my experience with weed.. changed my experience being sober.. learning to live with hyper awareness (questioning everything, even this comment, is my typing worth it? Will it reach someone?) lol lifes a journey yall theres a lesson in everything for everyone.. cheers 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  6. First time I had a paranoia attack was absolutely terrifying and can only be described as I thought I was dying. The second time it happened was no where near as bad but it I was able to control it more and literally keep telling myself it's ok, you're just paranoid etc. Although I still thought this guy was going to kill me walking through my hometown 😅

  7. hyperawareness just means that you are a very aware person sober, but smoking weed gets u extremely aware u get paranoid. Does not sound healthy to the brain and i can see why weed can cause schizo

  8. So your a monkey on a globe spinning 1000mph then spinning… Joe??? lmfao There is no proof of this Globe THEORY. Yes it's a THEORY cuz it's not backed by any thing. Now thats real world shit/reality Joe. My God it mind boggling hearing that shit after watching this great debate on marijuana… lol SELL OUT ALERT! lol hes a real person but talking about the models hes a childish ass hole but again like any thing else that he gos into it's like he back to being a person and dives into it like one should… subject or topic… It's truly mindboggling ppl are this stupid and that he does this and ppl thinks its acceptable behavior let alone talking about anything with facts behind it or jumps to more fairy tails trying to disprove a fairy tail. We are talking truth back with facts proofs science n a long list. But yea he is an idiot but then turn back to a reg debate… lmfao

  9. Im hyper aware and it sucks cuz its turning into like beginning stages of psychosis ( i know what this means don’t say “don’t talk about something you don’t understand”) i have conversations in my mind with myself about a possible future scenarios, i don’t trust anyone at all and I’ve implanted it so much in my head that all i think about is how i never will have that trust with someone, but step up to me and ill smile in your face and say whats up and act like i know im not going crazy and im just normal☹️i love to let people think there getting away with subliminal disses towards me just thinkin that they think I’m dumb fascinates me and I’m always staring at everything and i mean everything if u even moved ur head towards me, or if u do any movement around me ill see it in my peripherals and focus on everything else around me while only staring straight

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