Webinar: "Update on Stem Cell Therapies for Parkinson's Disease" August 2019

Our panelists discuss the types of stem cells, the status of stem cell-derived therapies for Parkinson’s, and how scientists use stem cells as research tools.


  1. Want more information faster although I appreciate it. Can we get feedback on stem cells of America treatment and "iv" treatment using fetal stem cells?

  2. Hi, my mother was diagnosed with PD about 2 years ago and she is seriously considering Stem Cell treatment but it's difficult to know if she is a good candidate for it and what medical facilities are trustworthy. This video was very helpful. Thanks! Where/how can we access the slides?

  3. من متاسفانه انگلسی خوب نمیدانم ده سال است به Parkinson دست وپنجه نرم میکنم با گذشت زمان وجودم ضعیه شده میرود من فقط پیاده روی زیاد میکنم ادویه مصرف میکنم
    Tab Relgil 1 Rasagilne tab
    3 Amantret
    4 Levodopa and Carbidopa Tabl مصرف مینمایم اما با گذشت روز تاثیر ادویه کم میشود

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