We Test 6 Different Bong Cleaning Solutions – Which One Cleans Your Bong Best in 2019?

We’ve used alcohol and salt to clean our bongs for decades, but is there a better product out there? In this video we test – Orange Chronic Cleaner …


  1. I would’ve rather kept my piece dirty until I can buy rubbing alcohol as opposed to wasting my money on this damn roor cleaner and ruining my piece in the process.

  2. Obviously the majority of people will use rubbing alcohol and salt but come on people use your brain, it’s near impossible to find rubbing alcohol right so for those of us who have always used rubbing alcohol and salt we have to find another method. Whether you want to use rubbing alcohol and salt or not, you don’t have much of a choice rn. I bought roor cleaner because it was cheap asf at the smoke shop and I’m fucking pissed that it ruined my piece. Obviously I never would’ve strayed from my ways unless I had to…….

  3. Roor cleaner leaves caked on salt residue that I can’t rinse out of the bong. Some was stuck to the downstem and I have to scrape it off like it’s super stuck on. DONT USE ROOR

  4. In all fairness, I’ve had to do the same project because of the recent rubbing alcohol shortage and resinate is the best BUT the green ‘cleaning solution’ one. the blue is the ‘cleaning liquid’ and idk why the even sell it. I think maybe it’s for those acrylic pieces o shit

  5. If your here because of coronavirus get zep degreaser it’s 10 dollars a gallon and works so efficiently
    Edit: don’t let it touch logos on outside of bongs/slides bc it will take it off eventually
    also these guys don’t soak their bongs! Give it a good 5 mins if your not doing alcohol and salt lmao smh
    And use hot water before hand lol

  6. I used "Bong Blaster" that I purchased from GrassCity.com. Simple to use and worked like a charm and got my glass diffuser bong looking brand new. Just pour the powder in, at hot water, let it sit for five minutes, shake vigorously and rinse. Crystal clear!

  7. Have you tried Formula 420? It cleaned up some of my pipes, bubblers and bongs pretty well. I’m gonna try The last one you used since it cleaned out all the bongs

  8. Free education. Because these guys have 0 idea what theyre doing lol.

    So for starters.
    1. Run the piece under warm water for a while
    2. Fill the piece with pretty hot water and salt.
    3. Shake that for about 25 seconds and empty it wherever you please
    4. Fill with salt and 91% or 99% iso
    5. Shake pretty hard for about 2 mins.
    6. Finish with dawn dish soap on the outside.

    That'll get it clean but these products, if I had to guess, are for resin stains and stuck flower. These products are best used after your cleaning process similar to using concentrated vinegar and bottle brushes to get rid of the that cloud/ashy spotting. Salt and iso is great but it'll only do so much. These products should sit for like 24 hours in your piece to dissolve any sort of residue that isn't a glass based compound. In other worlds these are for heavy duty enthusiasts who hate water spots and resin marks on very expensive glass.

    Edit: For stains either from residue or hard water spots whatever; I’d use concentrated vinegar, lemon juice and very corse salt. If the stains persist use Alconox or liquinox and distilled water to really break down build up or imperfections 💪🏼.

  9. Randys black label left a bunch of micro beads stuck to my glass despited 30 minutes of rinsing with hot water. I used a reasonable amount and now my bong had beads caked on the bottom that I cant get out with anything

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