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  1. Speaking of tossing out masks and gloves it certainly doesn't prevent the spread of COVID-19 and if anything makes it much easier to contact it. If someone, like a child, were to pick up a infected mask they would most likely contact the deadly virus


  3. NBC, proudly reporting on another waste of taxpayer funds, to launch a rocket into an ocean, remote area, or wherever they have decided to dump this particular pile of junk. NASA, home base for NAZI's, fascists and all manner of dishonorable people, continuing to perpetrate another in the long string of hoaxes on the american people. So much for the SCAMDEMIC, we still got money for FAKEX.

  4. How come no one just ran over and push that cop off the mans neck in the first place? I am sure the judge would have understand this after watching the video, that this person was saving the mans life! And how come the other cops did not tell the Cop to get his knee off of him? They just stand around and did nothing! They also should be in jail for not helping to say the mans life! I say to all of the people's! DO NOT LET THESE BULLY COP'S GET AWAY WITH THIS ONE! Also it did not matter what this guy has done, the Cop's should not be using deadly force on unarmed people's in the first place! Remember in London the some police do not carry guns or use deadly force unless they really had too! There should be a new law on COP'S that says, If a Cop kills a person for a none deadly crimes, that Cop should also be put to death! EYE for an EYE! This is the only way, that some of this BULLY COP killings will slow down!

  5. I have been saying this for years now, that Cops will never ever stop killing black people's and see! I was right again! All of this talk and protesting is not going to stop them any more then it did in the pass! It has to be eye for an eye! Just like in the old days!

  6. Why isn't this news service reporting on the footage available, which features the owner of the store the victim, George Floyd, frequented before he was murdered by four police officers? The other news networks have shown this material but not NBC. The store owner admitted that Mr. Floyd paid for an item with a bill that was counterfeit but he admitted that Mr. Floyd may not have even known. WAS THIS KEY INFORMATION AVOIDED BECAUSE THE STORE OWNER IS MUSLIN? I once went in a supermarket and was told the ten-dollar bill I was paying with wasn't real. I just offered another bill. But then again I am white and wear a suit and tie.

  7. Really are you kidding me 9 years 1 trillion dollars and we pay someone else to go to space what exactly is NASA for oh that's right we need somewhere to waste our money

  8. obamagate=2008 was rigged to continue destroying 7 countries in 5 years,bush is like nute gunray while sanctuary city supporters are palpatine,

    dems try voter fraud with mail ballots=concealment in broward/mysterious box appearing in dem leaning district=already happen in the past with washington state

  9. like media and NIH,many so called trials left out zinc with early treatment, they don't mention vitamin d to help with deficiency,many so called professionals are a parrot

  10. The white leftist has no real compassion, empathy or humanity for mankind and every man, woman and child, is just another propaganda opportunity for them….

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