Wake & Bake America 1026: Shopping While High, Prison Time For Cannabis, & Pot Banking

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  1. I don’t think that’s the right bill for us dude. Just because they stuff one good thing in for smokers doesn’t mean it’s a good bill for us. Borrow 3 trillion so then we’re totally reliant on the government 🤦‍♂️

  2. Man I wish my wall was imagery. I changed my oil on my truck and ended up having to take pain killers. To be able to sleep that night. It's better than the time I pulled up my shorts after throne time and ended up in the ER.

  3. Freshly is great if you are a nurse who doesn’t usually have time for lunch. If you don’t have leftovers to take for lunch and you’re to busy to have time to go to the cafeteria you’re screwed. Insert freshly for a healthier option than most. Allegedly!

  4. Absolutely, farm raised salmon is atrocious . Watching videos of those poor things so crammed in these putrid diseases ridden farm pens Wild caught salmon the colder the water the better .

  5. Going on todays wake and bake conversation about internet purchasing when high or drunk, the Dude will appreciate this, being a mountain biker and trail builder I bought, well basically a $500 shovel kit…… My trails are GOLD!

  6. finally sent my order in for seeds from cannuk seeds 50% 0ff deals $212.00 dollars for 30 some great genetics Auto's and photos will grow using lessons learned from Dgc and Mr Cannuck grow Thanks Dudfe Scotty and Guru, If it were not for you I would still be afraid to try

  7. Hey Guys, anyone ever smoke Wahacan weed, Panama Red, or Acapulco Gold? Old School weed….Miss those flavors and Highs. Fish Farming is a nightmare. Whats worse, the fish from the sea are loaded with plastic, radiation. Not hybrid plants, but GMO has genes from insects and animals, have fun eating it. I just stick with local grown, my garden and organic at store.

  8. Scotty:you are 💯 right. Its so weird to be in the store where I find myself grinning and smiling at people, as a "hey, how you doing", but that doesn't work anymore (mask) and it kills me a bit. I like to be friendly and positive (when I can), plus its small town living and you can feel the friendliest withering away between strangers unfortunately….just holding the door open now gets strange looks.

  9. I just got and started using recharge this week for the first time. I am expecting great things out of what's only my second harvest. The plants are already looking much better

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