Wake & Bake America 1022: Gene Editing, Neuro Link, Sleeping & Cannabis & Weed In Cleaning Products

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  1. Ahhh Medi One is a great product.And a multiple cup winning product. John Berfelo has been growing with Medi and Green Planet for a very long time. Just in fact he made me convert to give them a shot, and to this day Green Planet is in my regiment…. not only is it a great 1 part, Justin the owner from Green Planet has an awesome back story into how he and his company single handedly are responsible for today’s legalization in Canada today. There’s a mini doc n everything I forget the name..but first time commenter long time listener, bigger supporter of all DGC. Much love fam🤙✅💚💚💚

  2. Oof. Sounded kinda like a dickish plug for another show. Nope. Just trying to help educate fragmented parts of the community and have as many smart people debunking bullshit and bro science as possible. Keep doing what your doing

  3. Yo Scotty! I got a solution to your gene editing for CBG to clean hospitals with boss. CBGA is actually the precursor cannabinoid to THCA and CBDA, so it is naturally created in the early steps of the fruiting process. So just harvest early until you find the point where CBGA is the most available.

  4. i hate step counters. its a way to trick you in to thinking you are doing exercise. but every step you take is a step you would always taken. so it doesnt count as any additional exercise. plus its highly inaccurate. a wrong arm movement can count as a step. it doesn't count the intensity of those steps. people wear them all day long. its not exercise going to the bathroom or checking your mail. those things are just regular life events. exercise is anything strenuous outside your regular everyday events. even if you only counted the steps when you went for a an afternoon walk. someone who speed walks for 10 minutes could burn three times as much calories as someone who walked 2 hours at a slow pace.but had a quarter of the steps. what my old trainer taught me. was the real work, and gains, or losses only happens after the point you want to quit. so if you walk an hour and get tired. then start the timer then and keep walking. or if you lift 100 pounds 10 times. then start counting as you struggle for the 11th and 12th. if your still in your comfort zone. you aren't growing as a human. and that works for anything in life. these step counting devices are a way for people to get an undeserved sense of accomplishment. dont get me wrong . im not saying any of these people aren't working hard to achieve there goals . but if you are doing it right, you will feel your success. you will see weight loss. or feel more strength , or just feel healthier. its better to count distance and how long it took you to get there. i had a friend who would work with me for the day. amd do barely nothing . and at the end of the day say" holy crap man, i walked like 10,000 steps today, i bet i lost a lot of weight". lets just say he never lost weight.

  5. The ac130 is built slightly off and every so often they have to re off set the frame because the 105 on the back will straighten the plane out over time. 🤘🏻.

  6. rogan is a giant infomercial for his products and a propaganda platform. i used to really enjoy his stuff, but ever since he went 180 on the moon landing hoax, im done with joe 'the toe' rogan

  7. The weirdest thing happens whenever I click a new video it will redirect me to an old one! My high ass won't even notice till 30 minutes in ahah

  8. Transplanting your autos is a bad idea if you grow weak plants and have stone hands. It's fine to do so, it encourages root growth the same as transplanting photos would if you simply pay attention and time it right. Cheers all!

  9. I was a budtender in WA for 3 years, we all got higher than giraffe titties my man. Finding a trusted bud tender is like finding a trusted mechanic, once you find one you stick with them.

  10. I get stoned right before bed, and take my oil. Sleep like a baby, wake up pretty refreshed. Peace to all i really enjoy the show guys. Lawnmower Man Scotty…. I think Link was stoned on Shrooms, Zelda was cool.

  11. I would love to contribute to dgc the 10$ a month I’m wondering how I get the free seeds from best coast genetics I just don’t want to miss out on those will I get them just sent to me or do I have to contact them?

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