1. SAHM videos, what you eat in a day, grocery hauls, favorites videos, etc. These would all be good. I say share what you want to share. I watch a slew of other channels outside of WW (art, sewing, makeup, hair, recipes, etc.). I love cooking videos most of which are not WW friendly, I just adjust the ingredients to be more point friendly, but they are great sources of inspiration. Same with grocery hauls. This is your channel, make it what you want. Those that care about you will stick around.

  2. I’ll be watch whatever you post. I completely understand the struggle is very real. Take care of you and do what makes you happy😘.

  3. You might also be hypoglycemic cause I have the problem that if my sugars drop my hands get sweaty, dizzy and I feel like I am going to faint.

  4. I'm the same way with bath and body works candles. Always have a stock on hand and I also light one every morning before my coffee.. I'm burning watermelon lemonade right now 💕

  5. I am severe anemic, I have to get iron infusions about every 3 months, it isn't fun, and very painful.

  6. I love all things you post. Do DITL, stay at home mom life, cleaning, cooking, hauls,etc… just glad to see you!

  7. You do you girl I just like your personality… do whatever you want don’t diet if your not into that I get it I get all crazy & stressed about food & weight too so I get it! Just keep making vlogs of day in your life I’ll watch! Best wishes seriously your mental health is way more important!!!! O & don’t even stress I don’t get dressed or do my hair most days either

  8. Would love to also see what u eat in a day and I got a question what size is ur pink shirt in this video bc I love me some Victora secret pink

  9. Girl!!! I know have told you how good you look in pink. But I am going to tell you again. You are pretty in pink.🌼

  10. it really doesn't matter what you film…your personality is just awesome. Wouldn't mind seeing Clean with Me videos, House Tour, Eat-in-a day, and of course WW.

  11. Girl!!! You might not be on WW right now. But it looks like you are trying to make pretty good food choices.🌈

  12. I would still love to see what I eat in a days and grocery halls even though you aren’t on WW!!!

  13. Girl!!! Hi 👋. I have missed you. Where did you say you got that pop corn?🌽 My little girl would love it. 💕 She loves anything with sprinkles on it. I like your new robe. It looks so comfy.❤

  14. That popcorn looks good. Omg. 🤤👀🍿 I would still like to see What I Eat in A Day's and the vlogs. 😀

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