In this VLOG I talk about how Joe Rogan and Neil Degrass Tyson could possibly be NWO Shills defending Bill Gates and trying to hide technology….But its just a …


  1. "Lil bitch got a black belt in snuggling"…….lololol hilarious and the ending close out "Bunch of bitches and I'm out" 😎✌😂 I'm dead 😂 hahaha that was awesome. Great video!

  2. Joe Rogan is first in line for a vaccine. His arrogance is unbelievable. What a stupid idiot. Gates has money but it's power he wants. Rogan doesn't even know gates is a woman. HA!

  3. Joe Rogan can kiss my ass right along with bill gates they are both pieces of shit but enough on them another well done show thanks justin

  4. It still shocks me when I see or hear of people who support Bill Gates. Its like they forgot to read, became deaf and suddenly lost their eyesight! The truth is so evident and yet they still buy the Gates propaganda. SMFH

  5. You’re the best show I’ve seen, every show is fresh put across in a well thought professional manner. Much love from Swansea uk.

  6. They have that in Saudi Arabia flying taxis flying cars flying fireman they have that already🐸🐸🐸

  7. I can't watch Joe anymore. He was saying that he can respect all religions but we can't go around saying that people can be raised from the dead. This is at the core of Christianity. You know the thing.

  8. Love your show brother, Keep it up!!! I used to love Joe Rogan until I heard his views on Trump and some other stupidity, thought he was a smart guy could only be controlled opposition. When and if you get a chance check out the "Secret Covenant" and the popes contract with the illuminati. it's amazing how everything we were ever taught and we know is misinformation on purpose from Annunaki/illuminati (same)bloodlines, it's all Luciferians. They're all Luciferians it's INSANITY. You might think I'm crazy. look into it. I know you know this but idk if you know how deep it is!!!

  9. Dude I love your show! I honesty can’t wait till they drop. I feel like probably most do that we are on the same wave length…I blew up your tiktok with some stuff I thought you might be interested in. Sorry again for doing that because I’m sure you might have lots of your own content. Just wanna say we love you! #WWG1WGA

  10. Ironic that Joe Rogan laughs at “conspiracy theorists” but he used to talk about how the moon landing was staged

  11. What’s people’s opinion on Joseph Gregory Hallett ? Future king of England and Ireland stuff . Follow the whit rabbit

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