Vaping: what people are getting wrong | The Economist

A youth vaping “epidemic” and a mysterious outbreak of lung disease in America has led to curbs on e-cigarette flavours. A backlash against vaping is …


  1. Big tobacco just wants vaping to be banned because they lose money. Which means the politicians are invested in that because they get so much money from big tobacco.

  2. I've recently turned to the disposable vape to help me stop smoking black n milds which I hear is way worse than cigs. It's been almost a week now and I have no desire for blacks. The disposable seems to work for now.

  3. Finally proper news on what vaping is. In my very honest opinion, the hair trigger ban of vaping is nothing short of a condemnation to death to millions of smokers who are now deprived of an excellent way to kick the cigarettes.

  4. Sarah, deep thorough and extensive research was done in this video!


    P.S. YOU are one beautiful lady to boot! 😁

  5. Imagine busting down pesticides with your black market THC vape then crying on the internet "wE nEeD tO StArT aN aNti-VapInG cAmpAiGn" like bruh just admit you vape cannabis so you don't hurt the harmless vaping industry. (BY THE WAY: There is NO valid evidence that supports that nicotine affects the teen brain)

  6. I quit smoking 🚬 because of vape and I vape because I wanna quit smoking 🚬 and I don’t vape for life I just taking step by step and if you do the same you know what I feel, now I can vape 0mg of nicotine and I’m proud to myself that I already take 0mg nicotine I just quit smoking a week ago and I’m on my last step to not smoke permanently. Wish me luck guys if you see this comment.

  7. What people are getting wrong is they are calling these E-cigs vaping when in actual fact its the smoking of a liquid chemical concoction. Look at the exhale, thats not a vapor. Vapor is like what you see come off a jerry can in the summer. Almost invisible

  8. Well the news tv programs are controlled by government, so they would just mind something they are mistaken for and people would believe it like for example the Corona Virus, just stop telling and control people's lifes, allow them do to what they want to, there's another thing, the planet is polluted by really harmful fumes from factories, cars, burning harmful substances and etc, you inhale these fumes everyday by walking around the city's streets and car's gas fumes, so vaping isn't harmful as the pollution did from humanity

  9. so the "teen vaping epidemic" is apparently caused by flavors and marketing? what about the smoking epidemic? millions of teens and adults across the world (especially in poor underdeveloped countries like the uk and india) are addicted to cigarettes which smell and taste disgusting.

    the government is literally responsible for the vaping black market which causes way more harm than any flavor ban ever will. people vape cuz they're addicted to nicotine and don't want to smoke cigs, not cuz of the flavors.

  10. I’ve been vaping or almost 7 years now. My doctor said that I’ve never been healthier. I had asthma and cigarettes made it so bad I couldn’t even walk my dogs. Since vaping I have not had even one asthma attack and I now take my dogs for a 2.2 mile walk 5 times a week. I also now jog daily, just under 5 miles. None of this was possible when I was a cigarette smoker. I stated vaping on 10mgs on nicotine I’m now down to just 3 mgs. But I mostly vape zero nicotine. I only use nicotine once in a while. People need to learn the truth about vaping and not listen to the fake news. Besides that as adults is it not our own personal choice what we decide to put into our bodies. Alcoholism kills more people in a week the vaping has killed EVER! There are so many other issues to worry about in this world, vaping definitely isn’t one of them. Homelessness, starvation, cancer the list is almost endless. Vaping really… that’s what’s wrong with the world. Take it from someone who was in the military stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan for 32 months….move on people

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