1. I think you need CalMag for the leaves and their flowering so fast because the lights aren’t on long enough or you have a stressed autoflower. As far as harvest, you probably have another 3-4 weeks from what I can see.

  2. Your's are looking better than mine tho 😒, so be proud you're doing great! Practice makes perfect. This is my first grow too and I think I fucked it all the way up 🤦🏽‍♀️. Timing was my issue too, as I kinda did what you did, and I ended up forcing it to flower myself. I also don't have a tent so that lack of humidity factors in as well; don't have the right soil, or any fertilizer, using regular miracle grow potting soil. This whole experience has proven to be a challenge, but one I intend to perfect. I think I might have to restart tho, which sucks, but anyways live and learn… take #2.

  3. I'm just an observer, but I think they are almost ready. And maybe since you are growing autos you could decrease the container size to get the roots to set. Just a humble observation.

  4. Yes maam. I dont smoke any more but my mom have been since she was 14 shes now 42. She smokes so much lol. Since this stay at home stuff ive really been enjoying growing any and all kinds of plants. Ive been trying to convince my mom to let me start growing so she dont have to spend alot of money plus it will give me something to do during this stay at home. Im looking forward. Thanks for all the advice💋

  5. All you really need is average soil and a good light(at least 5000 lumens per plant). I put a bunch of banana peels, egg shells and decomposing vegetables deep into the soil. This pretty much eliminates the need to feed your plants fertilizer since the buried food will feed the soil then the soil feeds your plants. All I do is water them every 3-4 days. Lst and pot size are some of the biggest factors in your yeild…It looks like your plants got stunted somehow or maybe not sufficient light or oxygen for your plants to be so small. You'll figure it out

  6. Nooo, I watch your other videos too but stay for the grow vids 🤪 Most of your viewers seem to be men so idk if it’s worth asking for a skincare routine vid? Because sis you’re GLOWING.

  7. they started flower way to early but will still smoke small yield. PH your water and you will need some nutrients or a tea your LST looks fine but always start autos in the final pot dont transplant them keep light 16-20 inches above them if heat not an issue. I got pics of mine but Im on the DL holla Ill send u a link to em

  8. You are doing fine I think, I’m on my second grow and I made the mistake of letting them flower too early conditions weren’t right. All in all I pulled 3oz from 7 plants first time. Once you get a routine down it will get easier and you will know what to look for

  9. Have you researched nutrition. And the soil you are using. Always research low stress training for better buds and plants. I would also just recommend looking on Leafly or other websites with information on growing. Also your leaves could have many things wrong with them. I’d research pictures and info on that as well

  10. LMAO! "The reason we watch you" I ain't gone lie, I be checking in for the buds too lol. With that being said, I'm going to certainly keep hip to all your content. You and ya girl dope!

  11. It's not the pistils that should be amber it's the trichomes you want more amber than milky/white, 75% approx (depending on what it's for, medicinal or recreational), during flower some plants tend to go purple in colour because of their genetics. Just out of curiosity what sort of LED are you using, because there are a lot of shocking pieces of junk out there that are not even good enough to grow house plants let alone anything else. Also, when I do auto's they only yellow up like that in the last 2-3 weeks when I flush, and feed purified water only, could be a bit of nutrient burn because I noticed the tips on the leaves were browning up first usually a surefire sign of over feeding/nute burn. In flowering they should really be within 12"-24" of the light now too, to be building fat sticky nugs ready for puffing…

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