UNMASKED: Technocrats Seize NY & The "Green New Stimulus"

As the pope calls for a “new green economy,” WA governor Inslee announces a “green coronavirus stimulus package” that will deprive traditional businesses, …


  1. Hi I'm in Seattle. Today all of a sudden at my market the salt-free butter and heavy cream were sold out (salted butter still there). It also looked like a new wave of items being panic bought. Lots more shoppers than usual.

    Is there something that I'm missing??

  2. That photo of the Pope is when he turned to walk off and instead disappeared! It was a hologram or something. Look for the video!

    Thank you, Ice Age, for all your research and your willingness to share it in order to help and to warn other's…like myself(: Stay well, friend!

  3. You are living in hell on the left coast apparently! I'm in Colorado and I have never stopped working, and most people I know can say the same! Does fear stop rent from being due? Does fear stop your need for food and really anything else?

  4. ALL GOVERNMENT is about accumulation of power…no matter what party.
    Soon in WA they will be welding people in their houses like in WUHAN.
    Our government pretty much is a communist state.

  5. Psychopaths have no emotions or compassion that's why they're so ruthless at what they do.
    But people like Insle that can fake the facial manifestation of a true emotion are put in to power so that they can easily fool their constituents.

  6. The problem with that Inslee jerk, is he is a sell out. No brains. He was put there to allow what ever wish the UN or who ever want to use on the people. A one great state with everything going for it, ruined by evil.

  7. Hackers! Get in there and start taking all the monetary wealth from George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, the RothChilds, and all the other globalists/corporations and give it to bank accounts with 100,000 dollars or less!. That is the REAL and JUST wealth re-distribution. You brag you have those mad skills! Do something good with it!

  8. 1. I don't understand WHY. How does NWO benefit Bill Gates et al? 2. I don't know why anyone would want to know what I buy at the grocery store or track my movements. I am just a normal, law abiding, non-radical older woman. 3. I don't know what I can do to help stop this from happening. I am just a normal, law abiding, non-radical older woman. STOP the merry-go-round; I want to get off!

    Pray for us.
    We’re protesting every week: North Everett| Wall St

  10. You’re doing noble work. God bless you. I find it to be incomprehensible that, so far, it seems as though the vast majority of everyone in a position of “authority” is on the wrong side of humanity?

  11. This sounds like a disaster in the making..you just mentioned that one of the billionaires pulled out of the smart city contract with Toronto; what happens when they suddenly pull out of a school system? The more bureaucrats you become dependent upon for essential items, the more desperate the situation will be when the bureaucratic system breaks down..for whatever reason. It seems like the Western World is becoming more like the one in China. Bureaucrats condemn China dystopian methods for the control of the populace; yet, secretly, they must admire it.

  12. these arseholes are not technocrats Christian … the middle class innovative technocrats invented everything and middle class and working class assemblers put it all together ..without these two nothing happens ….. nothing. Gates a technocrat? how about a thief that got an inside run like all the other fn carpet baggers. These commissars can see their glorious global Reich collapsing.

  13. im from san jose and i monitor urban development blogs such as skyscrapercity.com and various local newspapers, basically i can tell that in san jose, especially downtown the streets where being redeveloped already such as the julian street power curve that was tore up and made straight so its a bitch to get on sr87 now. right before the covid scam park avenue (where adobes hq is) was planned to go from 2 lanes to 1both ways. that means tearing out the palm trees,replacing the greenery with souless cement and metal awnings,and clogging up that artery with bikes and foot traffic

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