1. Nice plants bro … are those auto flowering plants i only ask cause you said you harvested 1 September in uk ? my photo are in week 5 flower and then only came in to flower late August 7ft tall main stems are as fat as a coke can lol they have had like 4 months veg .. going on pasts crops i normally harvest 18 October

  2. Yay seeds! All your seeds germinate , just one question me ol ninge?
    If like me one decides to make a moral protest and refuses to use chemical pesticides , how the f do I stop slug and snail making a beeline for ma garden? #@#@!!!

  3. Harvested way to early in my opinion, but at least you received some kind of return for all your hard work. Heres hoping next summer is better than this years.🌱✌

  4. Due to me drying outdoors my dried cannabis may have some tiny tiny bits of mould is there any way to check and is it good to smoke? Also id love just a few of your seeds like 5-10 look like some solid genetics👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 much love god bless

  5. Respect plants look amazing but bro them plants at start at coverd in white pistils/ hairs atleast had rest of month to go and the difference would of been crazy but loveing ya videos

  6. Great to see that you're having a good harvest after all the fuckery you had to deal with at the start of the season ninja bless up and may your harvest to come be a good one for you as well peace ✌️

  7. You need to get yourself a jewellers loupe so you can harvest more accurately my dude, the stuff at the start of the video doesn't look ready… if there's a way to PM I'll show you what I mean. Good effort anyway, outdoors is a massive challenge and the UK climate isn't the best!

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