1. hello, this is Julia from Mars Hydro led grow light company. May i ask do you also grow medical plants indoor? Wondering would you be interested in reviewing our TS 600W led grow light? Perfect for 2x2ft coverage, sunlike full spectrum led with less power consumption but higher efficiency. If you're interested, really wish you could give us a reply via this email address: [email protected]163.com. Looking forward to your reply 🙂

  2. Those spit bugs suck sap out of plants, the feed on them , if you leave them to long, the leaves their on will shrivel up. Little bastards, they stay in that spot from birth, till they grow then they leave, usually end of may

  3. Spittlebug brother!! Had a couple at my site this year. Ordered some neem oil on amazon and made a simple spray with water + soap + neem oil. Haven't seen any new ones arrive in the past 2 weeks so seems to have done the trick!! Good luck ✌

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