Tropical Breeze by Synr.g | Our most expensive review ever! ++ souvenirs for 2 lucky subscribers!

Welcome back to iPot Review. This week we had a lot fun reviewing Tropical Breeze by Synr.g. We went all the way to El Tunco El Salvador to capture the …


  1. From to day to next Sunday lam going to buy one pound of weed 16 0f 30 g few buc l won 7.000 at the Cosmo slots hippy me free money nice trip but for me more weed in stead of trip my trip is I stay home is the best + it free

  2. So awesome that you started this video in El Salvador! Hope you had an awesome trip!! You're right, it sucks that the prices of recreational cannabis is rising even though the quality is still below par 90% of the time (if it's even available at all) As of now i only have two recreational companies i purchase from (Broken Coast & Medreleaf) everyone else has radiated, over dried, not well cured, leafy, popcorn size, immature nugs that were rushed to market imo.
    PS: Love the video as always!

  3. Please leave me out of the draw to give others a better chance, but I just wanted to say this was an awesome video.

  4. Will definitely have to give that Tropical Breeze a try in my next OCS order. Looks good. Love the reviews and I haven't been disappointed at all with anything you have recommended so far. Keep up the great reviews!! I appreciate them an awful lot.

  5. that long pipe is awesome! i want it! ha ha ha!!! i'd hit it though just sayin! great job! trip looked deadly! love a nice weekend day indica!😎💨 cheers my man! keep it up!

  6. Definitely one of my favorite tubers. Hope you enjoyed your trip! I'm always down for giveaways, put my name in that hat too. 🙂

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