Toto’s Outdoor Grow Show Episode 2

For Cellmax discount use TOTO for 10% off at The other nutrients used are from Nature’s Delight and in a soil, coco, perlite mix of recycled …


  1. What's up man, nice looking plants brother, I was just wondering, is it too late in the year to germinate some autos? Or should I have started in April? Thanks bro. It's been years since Ive grown a few plants

  2. Mawnin Breddrin. Good Frank catch-up on the garden. Was straight over to sensi checking out the Afghan Pearl. 😉Thanks.

  3. Have these all only had sunlight? I’ve also got three photoperiods in my greenhouse and I was wondering if I should bring them in at night and put under more light? Yours are looking great mate! 👍🏼

  4. Only trouble with having them outside is pests, aphids seem to love making these plants their new home

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