Top Recommended High CBD Level Cannabis Strains

In this video I tell you my list of the Best High CBD Level Cannabis Strains Support my channel on Patreon Buy a YouDube …


  1. New smokers please. You can always smoke more, but you cant un smoke. Be safe and if you feel "too medicated" just relax, 20 minuets and you'll start to feel better <3

  2. I had a very bad experience in Amsterdam where I tried something with high THC and gave me such bad anxiety and paranoia, was also was trying to fit in with strangers in a hostel so it didn't help things. I've a fear of using cannabis ever since so I hope I can conquer it by trying a high CBD strain in the comfort of my home. Great video by the way 👍

  3. I don't smoke anymore. I used to but one day I smoked I started to have severe panic attacks and I thought I was literally dying. And anytime after that I tried to smoke it would happen again. Will a higher cbd strain help me? I heard cbd helps with psycosis from thc. Thanks.

  4. Honestly needed this first time having a joint of my friends took about three pulls off the joint and I was finished started getting paranoid and having like a really high heart rate so I think I need this and just start climbing as time goes on

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