1. Ive been to every legal state and ive never once got a strain named after fruit thats smells like it lmao these fuckin stoners sound like idiots “smells like strawberry” gtfoh lmao

  2. Aye fam dm or sum how you getting all these weeds i have bread and just now start smoking heavy like maybe 1 year ago im wanting more and better buds get at me fam

  3. Someone needs to do a video like this whose smoked all over their local shops so they can understand what crosses to look out for cause he’s just reading off a list

    I could give you a detailed break down of my top strains and why

  4. Bruh on the chemdog shit it really depends on what chem phenotype you got, luckily i do know chem himself also met wonkanobe . So here goez chemdog a or chem 91, this is the real greasy, hella kerosene smell and to me and other folks who have shared those genetics, it simply sour d straight up, ive heard from the dudes they think it wasnt chem91 that pollinated the mass ss, these guys believe its a self cross. #2 pheno, chems sis or sister. This strain is in good stuff like gg family and i believe josey wales has a pure sister mommy….luck dude. Next chem b, a male that chem threw away😖😢, too ba, chem coulda ran a 1000 plant pheno hunt. Next is chemdog D, the beast, the potent, the dental plan (my dealer used to call it that;)). This clone only smells just like dry socket and badbreath, but somehow good and super dank. This is adult bud straight up. Its strong, its rare asf, true head stash. No very sizeable nugs but any veteran smoker knows size on nugs dont mean shit. Chemdog d is in garlic cookies, motor breath, modified grapes(im growing it rightnow and my room smells like wine mixed with alien body odor…bomb in other words. Then you got chem 4, the reunion pheno. It reminds of guava, its not gassy enough for me but id smoke bud that was called dead body, i like the smell of noble rot on my bud. Anyhow, chem 4 is also callec the reunion pheno cuz wonka and chem had a reunion and named that pheno. I think wonka popped some of the remaining 12 seeds but he dont talk about hes probably a hoarder. I tried the reunion and it was eh, thsts it eh! Other good chem crosses r kerosene cookies, tres dawg, starfighter, gmo cookies, garlic gellato, mango chem, chem chillz by capulator, chemtrails, cheery chapstick,etc.

  5. when i watch someone else smoke weed on a video, its kinda like smoking with another person; & that makes me feel cool for a little while. btw, its SATIVA based buds that produce higher THC content usually (and little or even no cbd to break it down), not indica. u felt it was indica cuz of the higher cbd content, it breaks down the thc quicker resulting in a shorter blast of a high. indica is the dark side, plants grow faster and easier and give shorter highs. good for medical crap i guess, but higher thc with lower cbd is a personal favorite of mine

  6. that's not right, strongest strain i've found an am currently growing is " FUTURE #1" (GG4 x Starfighter) 37% THC, another in the 30's is Ghost train haze, an Dawgy Treats 30-36% THC by Hydrus Hydroponics here in Portland, OR

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