1. Feel free to comment any and all questions that you may have! I am here for you all! Also, feel free to take advantage to the Fusion Lean sale with code JULY4SPECIAL for all one off purchase plans!😎👌

  2. Nice Logan! Barb was super excited to come to keto con and hear you talk! Hopefully I can join her next year if all goes well; best of luck with your book and other endeavors 👍🏼.

  3. It was so awesome to meet you!!! The speech you gave was amazing!!! I really have so much respect for you and the person you are. You should be so proud of the man you are and are becoming!! Keep doing what your doing!!! Good things are coming!!🙂🙂

  4. OMG Logan, you added so many great topics in this video! And you shared some vendors that I didn't visit and now wish I had. It was so much fun to see you again, to talk with your Dad again, and meet some of your friends! I did purchase a bottle of the Keto Before Six before I spoke with you about it, so it will be interesting to see if it truly works when taken on a more consistent basis. I spoke with the people from Dry Farm Wines but didn't get to taste their product. Eventually I will order some to try out. I missed Livia, Fat Fit Go, and the one with Ghee. So, I'm glad you have mentioned them here so I can check them out online. I didn't like the Strong coffee, but I'm not a fan of collagen added to products, especially in my coffee. I felt bad for telling the man I didn't like it, but it was the truth. I went by to see Goodybeats, and even made a very short video with him, but I never tried the product 😱! I'm such a dork, 🤣🤣🤣. But, you can be sure I will be checking it out. Thanks for another fun video. I'm REALLY looking forward to your next video, since you gave me a hint of what it is going to be about! Thanks for encouraging me to go to KetoCon, I'm so glad I went and hope to go next year.
    I'll see you at Dr Berg's! ❤️

  5. Good seeing Barbs_Keto4Life and putting a face with a name who posts frequently. Congrats on your 1st public speaking gig and book cover completion. Public speaking gets easier the more you do it but perfectly natural to have a few butterflies in your stomach right before the event!

  6. You know how I feel about the commercialization of Keto…it’s a bad look but still love ya bruh….Keto for most normal 9-5 people should be about smart grocery shopping and cooking in the kitchen selling or promoting these overpriced products which only promote corporate greed is exactly what we were against at the start…and what every Keto you tuber criticized Jillian Michaels and weight watchers a year ago….eating healthy is expensive enough without adding these ridiculously overpriced and unnecessary products who can never replicate what eating the right foods can! #stayofftheproducts stay true bruh don’t become the walking commercial that Goody Beats has become!

  7. Keto Con was great. You did a great job. I am giving up sweeteners for at least 90 days (….. including Stevia and Monk Fruit) . The take-away from the conference for me is to try Carnivore.

  8. I know you done a great talk!! I like choc zero!! But I'm going to try not putting anything sweet in my mouth for awhile!! I have got to get more serious about my last 25to 30 to lose.cant wait for your book.

  9. I don’t buy keto products….ever 😂 whole foods for the win!🥑🥓🥩🥚🍖🍗🥦🥬🥒🥥🥇🏆🎉

  10. See,,,people are so enamored with you, and your ability to reach the common man. The mere fact that you
    care so much shows! You have to know you are saving lives Logan. Gods work, pure and simple. You
    are intelligent, and compassionate about what you not only believe in, but the lifestyle you have embraced.
    All I can say is I am so humb,Ed by the gift of you I give myself each time you post. You are a screaming
    success. Keep it up, humanity NEEDS you!!!

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