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  1. Idellaam oru video nu podringla… Poor family la irukura kids ku ithu ellaam paathaa yeakam varaatha kastamaa irukaatha… Namma intha mathiri toys lam vilayaada mudilanu… Just stop to upload this types of videos…

  2. Hi akka, this is Monica. I have a doubt… Does a baby require their 1st hair shave??? My son is 6 months old now… After 1 yr, does shaving helps to get good hair / hair growth / hair texture?????

  3. Sis whey protein powder pathi knjm solunga nenga Canda coffee Ku cream r soya milk use panringa but Inga cow milk Dan kidaikudhu nanga adhu use pannalama .. weight loss irukurapo either coffee are t kudikalama ..pls clr my question …banana epo epo sapdalam ..?

  4. Wht u said poor family they don't have mobile ah??? Now a days 90 percent of people having smart phone even lower middle class also… They can spend 5000 to 6000 for mobile purpose.. But ur toys are highly expensive toys, lower middle people how they can spend 3000 4000 for toys purpose, wealthy people they don't care about that highly amount think that point ok.. And then what u said, parents should skip those videos from children, 80percent of kids always watching you tube only don't you know that one, then how the parents will keep the children way from youtube???

  5. Hi Arya kutty you are so cute…sis Arya age Enna sis… enakum one and half years la boy baby erukan ennum pesala sis eppadi pesa vaikanum nu vedio potuga…avana Amma appa Annan athai nu solran but Enna Amma nu kupta matenran sis… Arya toys all good … vedio super sis

  6. See yentha videos venaalum post pannunga that's ur choice… But toys apdingurathu kids play panrathu…. Wealthy parents can able to buy what their kids want… But poor parents can they able to buy for their kids those costly toys? that's what I coming to say… Itha understand pannikaama unga opinion mattume pesitu irukinga.. Ungalala oru chinna kuzhanthainga manasu kastapadunumaa… Post pandratha mathavanga manasu hurt pandra mathiri podathinga, particularly kids heart..

  7. Hi dear I have a issue,my kid is 19 months old and she is not attached to me .she loves my neighbor and other kids mother a lot than me …I feel very bad when she is attached more to them than me..what should I do ,so that she will not leave me .

  8. Comments soldrathu avanga ishtam… So positive comments sonnaa accept pannikuvinga then negative ah accept panna matinga is it?? What is the logic in it… Then you are turned on the comments section?

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