Top 5 Best Wax Pens & E-Nails of 2020

TVape shows you our picks for the top 5 wax pens and e-nails of 2020. These are the best of the best portable concentrate devices to start your year off right!


  1. just went to the link and made me a purchase of utillian 5 with the water attachment. says 1-7 days. I seriously cant wait. thanks for the video

  2. Wanna get the utillian but I'm just like you I gotta have that filtration, been waiting for weeks and it's still out of stock on the tvape site and all sites 🙁

  3. Haha, still laughing 😂. Kudos to you for that enjoyable comparison Alex!
    It seems to me that the Utillian 5 with the bubbler pretty much does the same job as the Carta but saves you a big buck, right?

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