Top 4 Farm Bill CBD Stocks to hit $25-50 – Review – THE SCOOP

In 2018 I boldly predicted 4 CBD stocks would hit a price of $25 – $50 someday. How are they doing now? Do you think they will make it anytime soon?


  1. I'm VERY bullish on Charlotte's Web. Everything about it checks out. I think it'll hit $25 sooner rather than later……I hope….

  2. Do you want to know what I think? I think a paradigm shift is occurring
    today with Canntrust and Organigram. Think about it: Canntrust's and
    Organigram's structure is VERY similar. Now that Canntrust screwed up,
    people are pouring their money into Organigram instead…a paradigm
    shift to the safety of a very similar company.The proof you ask??? There
    is NO NEWS on Organigram today AND YET THE STOCK IS UP OVER 8% ON HEAVY
    VOLUME…on the very day that Canntrust is getting slaughtered. THINK

  3. Nice picks, Mickey! I'm more of an investor than a trader and CWEB is the truth! THey have great name recognition and I know folks that use their products on the regular. Also I like their share structure (under 40 million outstanding). CVSI is a great opportunity as well and is in a bit of a dip. I know some folks feel burned about IGNG, but it looks like the folks that acquired them (Grapefruit) are gonna be listed on the OTC. Do you have any opinion/insight on this situation?

    I also think 1933 and Supreme are sleepers and could be targets of an M&A play.

  4. Mickey, Do you think we might get a double bounce? One in October 17th because Edibles will be legalized. A second bounce after the 60 day waiting period and the edibles are legal to go on the store shelves on December 16th. Both of those months will get lots of news and talk!

  5. You look into Abacus Health Mickey Dee? I havent bought them yet, but they got stuff going on in CBD. I can see 2-5 bagger on ABCS.

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