Timelapse Outdoor Automatic Grow From Seed To Harvest

An example of how to grow an automatic ruderalis hemp plant outdoors in a greenhouse from seed to harvest for CBD. Like the content? Then check out The …


  1. So far on my second outdoor grow, but first time grow auto flower…so my grow cost right now is $90 for seeds, I got a 420 deal, so I got 7 seeds for the cost of 4….about $60 for pro mix soil…(I very much recommend this mix of soil for plants, and I also like to plant directly into a dug pit with fresh soil in it….I find the natural watering is better aside from feedings) And then like usual I had to buy some chicken wire to surround my pit (I have deer) I'm currently at 1 1/2 weeks with them starting their 4 node…they now sit in their pots outside enjoying the wind and sun! I start mine in the window, moving them around the house with the sun…and to get extra light in the evening I run a cheap 300 watt full spectrum grow light…and that light sits on the sill when the ladies get their morning burst of light! These things grow really fast…I'm very very shocked at just how fast

  2. I’m surprised your channel is still up. I have made it my life lesson to destroy your beautiful and well thought out channel . I LOVE YOU.

  3. Spray the plant with apple cider vinegar and water mix and that will kill and drive away all bugs.

  4. False just plant that’ shit on the ground or any fucking recycling item (bottle,old cooler ect ) regular soil and plant let nature do its thing and regular rain water or foist water . 0$

  5. Hi good sir. I have been growing an alto using a (T5!) and i was wondering if introducing a red led strip in veg will trigger an early flower stage.

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