This is Your Brain on Acid (Seriously)

Dr. David Nutt on what the first brain imaging study of humans on LSD reveals about mental health and human consciousness. —– Subscribe to our YouTube …


  1. there are 3 types of trips……… good…bad…..and the horror trips…… imagen if lds was sold with a trip ender pill……. thouse pills exisit

  2. I say if adults want to use LSD in their homes then so be it. I used it as multiple times and it had a profound effect on me. If people aren't driving around tripping crashing into people then who cares?

  3. What an ispirational and passionate man.
    Thank you David Nutt, your actually a legend. You can tell by his whole demeanor that he is a grade A dude, and he has done a service to the human race!

  4. do people REALLY believe if drugs are legalised & everyone's running around high they're going to be coherent enough to take down the government? i highly doubt that's why the government is keeping it illegal.

  5. LSD makes you hit reality hard , cuz of the fact that your mind processes every question you had in your life about the world and makes you open your mind and find the answeres , with leaves you knowing wassup about how the world is and how people are 💯

  6. Wanna step into the cosmos on a trip induce the pitta patta
    become a beast kill a priest correspond with some anti-matta
    walk a mile maybe ten maybe fly or even teleport
    laugh at a copper and then argue with a cosmonaut
    beat Your chest cos you're the best you so good you're beyond human
    You run bare feet wearing a sheet and then you change your name to the lumen
    Psychedelics killed uncle Eric but they'll never kill you
    you're too busy talking to god and enjoying the view
    These rhynes there all approximate but if you force em they'll scan
    and that's just like living life when your the Psychedelic man

    By Chipper De Wilerberg Messysmith Leon

  7. Society is controlled by conditioning thought and thus behaviour. Anything that breaks that conditioning is a threat to the social system and it's various control mechanisms. We are conditioned to operate as units of labour.

  8. It's kinda funny to see that picture with placebo/lsd effect on brains. How could people didn't recognize that thing they took wasn't lsd at all? When I tried it first time I've been waiting for 30 mins and there is nothing happened so i just launched a game played it for 5-10 minutes and then asked myself "why the fuck am I doing this? this is pointless". Well that was a hit and when i find it out many faces looked at me from ceramic tile pattern on the floor.

  9. if big pharma was any good ppl wouldn’t be using things like cannabis and psychedelics and u can’t get pharmaceuticals because most docs don’t prescribe what a patient needs based on age an other million different things. your to young to be on this or that. but a persons disease has no age limit

  10. LSD is TRULY the most amazing drug I have ever done (& I have done a lot) & yes I think its even more amazing than NN-DMT.  I cant really solidly remember my NN-DMT experiences (I have had 5) but LSD I can remember SOLIDLY (better than I can remember stuff when I am sober) what went on during those trips years & years later.  I have been takin LSD for about 19 years now (somewhere between 190 – 220 times) & I can honestly say that its the only drug I can really say (in my experience) gets MORE fun & exciting; every time I do it.  Every other drug I have kept doing eventually loses appeal or tolerance goes up, the only thing wrong with LSD is that it's so insanely illegal.

  11. First time I took lsd and shrooms was amazing and I knew I was using parts of my mind that were sacred in some way it heightened my senses I member watching small nats fly around my head in super detail and slow motion in the woods and seeing cells in my body or something moving around 💀😂

  12. Very informative, professional interview! It had a lot of factual information supporting the use of LSD drugs actually helping some people. However, I wish they would have also included some of the bad results, such as mental and or psychiatric issues, and included their hypothetical or factual reasons of their findings of why the LSD drugs failed in some cases.

  13. Maybe this guy is right, but the difference is you can function with alcohol or these other "more harmful" drugs in your system. If people took LSD like people go out and drink alcohol or smoke a cigarette, i don't know how safe it would really be

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