this CORDITE Class is CRACKED after COD BO4 1.23 Update 😮 (BETTER THAN EVER!)

this CRACKED CORDITE Class is a MONSTER.. (Cordite Best Class Setup COD BO4) The MOST OP Class in ALL of BO4 How to …


  1. Turboman (or anyone) do you know if a melee kill from a weapon (specifically a sniper) counts toward the 5 kill 5 times camo (aka bloodthirsty camo)?

    For example: 4 kills with the Koshka, and then a melee kill with the Koshka, all in a row without dying; does that count towards the 5 kills 5 times camo? TIA.

  2. Also, the SMG I have played alot was the wildfire spitfire. It is a MELT MACHINE!! and just for that, a wildfire Spitfire versus the belt feed cordite would make an interesting video as well. To see which is better.

  3. Sup Turboman. I have watched your content for some time. You are entertaining to watch. Have you gotten the Argus? It is fun to use. Just for me, whenever you unlock it, will you make a video? Thanks

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