Thermal Cooking while Boondocking | Full Time RV Living

Chris tries out shredded chicken in the thermal cooker while we boondock near Bryce Canyon National Park. ❤ Subscribe …


  1. I have never even heard of this before – how cool!! Your recipe looks amazing! So how are you guys doing working out in the high altitude? I have been in Utah for 7 months and I am still struggling to run like I used to and to hike without being out of breath!! Hope you are still having fun Boondocking!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks yummie 👍👍
    I’ve just got the hang of my instant pot ~Phew🤪
    A thermal oven is next on my wish list.
    ever thought of getting one?
    Would your inside pans hold up to coals or open fire?
    Oh…you inspired me kinda sorta’ to purchase a tortilla press~
    you just said what??
    I’m not a bread or pasta eater…of wheat anyways. I love corn tortillas like your hubby.
    And I was watching as he had to move his bag of tortillas from the floor board while he was video taping…the bag is always in the way lol.
    Anywho’s… got me thinking and now I make them fresh. Yes additional 4.5lbs of cast iron but soooo worth it.
    Humugous’ difference.
    Lol sorry for the long post~don’t get me talking about food
    Dangitt 😁

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