The Top Ten Amsterdam Coffeeshops With Jimmy Nevski – Part Four

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  1. Everyone thanks for the continued support and the wait you’ve put up with for new content. I can scarcely believe this but my next video will actually be a car review!!
    I’m currently in Dubai working on my next ambitious project so stay tuned for a video coming Saturday 31st of August where your boy Jimmy Nevski will be reviewing the brand new for 2019 Rolls Royce Ghost II.

    And yes more Amsterdam content to come but I want to branch into a ton of new content and being a car lover, It’s something I really wanted to do so really can’t wait for feedback on that one! I have someone to take over the smoking product reviews while I’m away and I just know you will love him.

    Stay tuned you glorious humans.

  2. Amsterdam is nothing like it used to be. I have been visiting every year since 1992 and it has changed radically. Like alot of Western European European City's its been largely gentrified and cleared of locals in favour of the working rich and with rented accommodation. Weed and hash prices are now expensive although if you go out to the very edges of the city you can still find decent hash or flower at reasonable prices. Lelystad being one town just outside of Amsterdam which has a good coffeeshop just to the left of the train station. There are now plenty of other destinations around Europe to smoke quality cannabis such as Switzerland, Spain, Austria and Denmark to name but a few. Still, Amsterdam will always have a place in my heart.

  3. It's been a few years since I've been to Amsterdam but assuming they are still trading (and I'd be surprised if they aren't) you have surely missed The Bluebird and Stones (which has pool tables and a liquor license). One thing I note is that none of the original strains that were available in past seem to be available now – shame.

  4. WTF man…what a clickbait…some of the coffeeshop you show are closed now and the others are not even in Amsterdam…they are in Eindhoven or La Haye where tourists are not allowed to smoke weed…your video is useless for travellers !!!

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