The Science of Cannabis: The Genetics of Cannabis Breeds

There is a rich informal taxonomy of Cannabis strains with exotic and evocative names. How do these breeds reflect the genetic relationships among different …


  1. look at the ´´donau kultur´´. the first domesticated plants are found there, 40.000 years old. it was hemp and meen(??? ´´Mohn´´ in german).ist in hungary,germany and östereich(???,sry for my bad english)

  2. Super confusing speech. So many uhms and sos and ands that they distract from the material. The very unorganized material. This is done at a university, yeah?

  3. I think that they would have but some effort to research cannabis before 1960…
    Seems like a very narrow view. Some of the original land races are still out there. But if all your research is done with Google you would likely not realize that

  4. Wait so epigenetics is basically just the operation of phenotypes playing out? Phenotypes are the different physical traits that come out by various environments. From my understanding…

  5. I came back just to see the phylos comments now that they lied about everything they swore they would never do hate to say we told ya so

  6. They can't patent what exists already only whatever they general modified in the lab using synthetic modification. Like corn has been modified.

  7. He started off with cannabis is all over the world , I hope he didn't pay for his education, maybe he's had to many cones. Doppie fuck.

  8. Seriously… Nobody… Nobody sees how high this guy is? I am 14 mins in and I am thinking… Mowgli boy if u have an  anxiety problem pls don't smoke before a presentation I mean.. He thinks in his head that there are minor technicalities and insane coincidental malfunctions happening around him but clearly its not the case. And some genius suggested that he should free-talk the prez… Man u are higher than he is.. Anyhow I hope it gets better the next 50 mins and I don't mean the sound. And, No I don't mind anybody being high from the herb but nobody addressed it… Peace Out!!!!!

  9. Cannabis plants are some beautiful that thier is. Cannabis and hemp are gifts from the creator or creators of this earth, you, and the universe and beyond.
    Cannabis is one of the most important plants there is not just a way into the plant world.

  10. Aren't you guys at all embarrassed by the quality of the audio here (and of the rest of the lectures as well)?!?!? It is just ridiculous. Why bother sharing them to the world at all, other than to embarrass yourselves? Who run the Botanical Garden? I've been there many times. The place is gorgeous, well-runned, well-taken care of. But you can't extend the resources to this Youtube channel that bares your name?!?!? Shame on you, whoever you are, you know yourselves. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

  11. Bro do these guys even grow all these images of ripped off of Google and can be simply found with a Google search. It almost seems as if these guys are just taking advantage of a market that is on the edge of legalization with tutorials on the basics.

  12. "….forget about GMO's.." why would a scientist tell people to forget about facts? because they are a disinformation shill. cannabis was the FIRST plant to be genetically modified. search 'kaneh bosm' for the history as to WHY the government (bankers and their paid science puffs, like this guy)

  13. Sound was terrible until I put on my headphones and corrected- otherwise great info- thanks.

  14. too much mumbling… Sorry (nor did I hit the dislike), I just can't hear the speaker. Food for thought for future videos for those who have hearing problems.

  15. this kid needs to educate himself and not memorize a script that someone gave him… listen to the # of times he says um! he definitely is smart but he is not speaking his words, he is following the powerpoint!!! (which keeps messing up)

  16. Watch out for this guy.I can tell by the way he talks,that his agenda is to separate strains for copyright purposes.

  17. Why go through the trouble of posting a video online when nobody can hear what is being said? I'm sure there is good info to be found in there somewhere, but honestly. Hire a professional next time or figure out how to avoid making such a crap quality video on your own. Such a disappointment, it seemed interesting.

  18. Genesis 1:29-30
    "God gave Man every herb…"
    Get it right.
    In never "evolved" it may have been specifically bred but only as it was designed to be able.
    The reason its illegal is Because the Masonic lying mindset that controls society hatesGod's "anything" especially this awesome plant.
    You official know it alls.
    Yeah you know it all cause rhe government knows it beneficial on every level exept their death grip on all of us slaves.
    The official story….
    "playing the end against the middle"..

  19. Your gettinga dislike because you fucked up the audio got me with my ear up against my speaker. thanks allot for the valuble info but fuck you.

  20. if you complain about the video you are wrong i mean this shit is from the future, it say in the description presented on February 8, 2019 today is 5/29/2018 either that or this herb is damn good brah

  21. Need Dago 😘 to Fix audio PLEASE 📣, too much foot stomp, muffled out Dr, bug noises, loud bumps n jabber in audience. .Crazy Dago PLEASE fix this 📣

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