1. This video is tryin real hard to elide the distinction between cognition and consciousness. An otherwise excellent video, but that's pretty intellectually dishonest.

  2. Your brain is thinking about your brain, but the brain that is thought by your brain is thinking about your brain and that brain is thinking about your brain

  3. The complexity of the living beings in searching for food or interacting with the environment has nothing to do with consciousness. Think about it, when you play a complex software feeded with some specific face traits to search for a specific person, you stil can not say that this software is somehow aware. We don't need consciousness in order to have complex process, this supposition is a logic jump.

  4. 1:00 The scientific schools of Religion, and hindu veda including many other culture have a good understanding of consciousness. Consciousness is like an elephant that we need to define together to make sense of. This spiritual elephant in the room we can simply call the spiritual world to have a starting point. This spiritual world has diferent ways of discerning the divisions. consciousness is intelligent and is often found within entities, both with a physical appearance (body)/ , and without a physical appearance or confinement. The universe itself is conscious.
    The origins of consciousness, all come together in the big bang. God, which has different ethymological meanings is a good term to find the source. Also this area of study is almost impossibly navigated through monodimensional thinking that science promotes. Reality does not have to follow the lines of logic, because logic is only true within one layer of hierarchy.
    Things such as intelligent design have been strongly evidenced as the driving force of evolution. Everything is connected.

  5. So u r meaning to say product of evolution from dead things into alive natural things Is consciousness nah I think consciousness is a product of metaphysics like God and all that type of things, if for example we r happy to get a new phone it's not that evolutionary we have been programmed to but only because we have learned to appreciate magical things which I might include love,food and sleep are all great for humanity ✌️

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