1. Dude I was going to troll you on the precise "mm" of sag but then you manuall'd that drop and I thought "don't bother" ! !🤣🤣 awesome video buddy 👍

  2. I got one from Alchemy Bikes…Watching your video leave me some thoughts that this shock is too advance for me…need to learn more on how to set it up correctly. Thanks for the info.

  3. Sorry I don't fb but that ks for the video. Just got a transition scout with dpx2 and needed some help on how to tune it on tomorrow's ride. 🤘

  4. "If you don't have any friends – find a friendly tree" Hey man, I didn't come here to get kicked right in the feels..

  5. Dude great content and great riding ! You have to be the most YouTube friendly pro rider I know ( Ha I don't really know you it just feels that way because of your personality ) Keep up the good work , good things happen to good people ! Thanks for making this video .

  6. After watching a bunch of videos on how to setup my new canyon with dpx2, I realize that I'm no bike mechanic and now I wish I just got a fucking hardtail!

  7. Whe you set up the rebound does the low-speed compression position affect the rebound setup? After setting up and on my first ride stopped after about 50m as it was like the shock was locked out , checked the LSC and it was on firm all the way. turned it to 7 clicks open and felt good

  8. I'm getting one tomorrow from my LBS, new but from an upgraded new Bike so getting it for a good price. I have a 2018 rocky Powerplay.

  9. A completely useless explanation of how to set up the X2, where are the close up shots of each adjustment and measurement that you talk about.

  10. No offense I thought u were dorky but damn can u shred and u know your stuff keep up the great work 👌

  11. Great video. I just installed a DPX2 on my Canyon Spectral. Once my kids' schedules allow I'll get to try it out. I've got the sag adjusted and the rebound. Need to ride to see if I'll need to add any volume reducers. Great video!

  12. I have a 2017 dpx2 elite but do not have the 3mm LC insert? There is only a torx slot in middle of 3 pos blue knob, does mine not have the 3mm LC setting?

  13. Just bought a ripmo with the DPX2. Really glad you made this video. Question though. I’m 260lbs. Do I even need a volume reducer?

  14. Hey mate, just want to say thanks for this video.
    My Transition Scout has felt numb for ages, setting up the shock as you described has worked wonders.
    Shred on

  15. AMAZING RIDING (man I wish I could ride like that!) and excellent, easy tips for knowing the impetus for each adjustment. I have a DPX2 rear shock that came with my 2018 Rocky Mountain Instinct BC Edition. If you listen to Fox (or watch their service vids), they recommend you remove the shock and vice it before replacing volume spacers, but I see you simply do it while it remains on the bike. Thats fine to do?

  16. I just bought one online in Australia. Thanks for the video. Really helpful for me as I have no clue until I saw this.

  17. Don't volume reducers or spacers, actually reduce the amount of maximum travel you have? or are they so squishy that that the effect is negligible +- 5 mm or something and they'll just help you bottom out with a little less force on the shock?

  18. I'm getting an upgrade DPX2 for my enduro bike from my local bike shop, with a remote lever fitted due to shock placement. I think I'll start with the largest volume space and work backwards, as I'll be around 250lb rider weight with gear – does it make sense for my situation to start with the largest spacer?

  19. There are so many incredible riders out there, but damn if Jeff isn't the smoothest most fluid guy out there. He makes everything look effortless.

  20. Hi Jeff! great vidz and lots of good info, keep it up. i have a question about the DPX2 sound, did you experience any unusual noise for this shock? i've read a lot about others complaining about the noise this shock makes and it seems Fox Service people says this is "normal" for this shock since they are using a different viscosity for the damper as compared to other older Fox shocks. would appreciate if you can comment on this.

  21. Getting a dpx2 on my 5010 s+ Santa Cruz. Can’t wait to dial it in and have fun. Question: what kind of glasses with the clear lens are you wearing?

  22. Can you help out a fat guy with the DPX2, I'm 240 and am having to put 338 PSI to get my 16mm of sag, is that normal or do you have any suggestions?

  23. Hello Jeff
    In your settings you are writing that you set youre lsc "X" clicks from max. So, with "max" lsc you mean open not closed, right?

  24. I'm thinking about getting a DPX2 for my HD3, which has a similar leverage curve to the Ripmo. Ibis says that a low compression / medium rebound tune is best for the HD3, but that info is from before the DPX2 existed. Do you think that a M/M tuned DPX2 would have enough adjustability in the LSC to work well for this bike?

  25. Thanks! I didn't realize that there's a low speed compression on it! Found it now rides like a dream! Came on my '19 Sentinel

  26. Great informative Jeff. Love your style and passion for biking and for the Pacific Northwest!
    My specialized Stumpjumper EVO came stock with a Fox DPX2 rear shock. Still have to trial the compression and rebound this weekend to fine tune it!

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