1. Where's your other vids? If you want subscribers keep up on the vids.. You got the viewers, we just need material to watch.. Review others please.. I am being offered some chronics, my reason for being here, i don't trust many carts anymore.. So idk if i should get these, there's def mixed reviews on this

  2. You can order better ones online bub I use the magnetic set up and i have a bigger Battery for fatter hits i have heard that some of the chronics,Danks, etc. Can be fake

  3. I know its common sense only now that these boxes are mass produced and any company on them is invalid, but holy shit your dumb to actually message a fake company and expect legit answers

  4. Smoke that shit and tell us if u feel nauseas, chest pains, lightheaded cuz these are black market carts. The packaging is real, dealers buy the packaging then put whatever shit they want to put in it. Yes u getting thc but u also getting whatever the fuck the provider wanted to throw in there. There's a reason this shit causing damage to the lungs. It's all the same bootleg off the market shit, they just change up the packaging. Stay toke my friends and be safe with what u smoke 😎👌🏻

  5. No wonder your grammar is fucking ASS. Smoking all them pesticides 🤣🤣 if you going to talk shit atleast spell check it my dude. But hey maybe with the money you get from these vids, you can afford to buy drinks from Georges and not get mad when he doesn't hook you up 🤷‍♂️

  6. You just saved me 50 bucks on a marvel cart. I bought a chronic sour patch sativa. Its Hard to tell what's what in Texas. I injoy the Big Chiefs. And weezy wanka if you can do a review would be helpful. Thanks bud

  7. Vape N any device pods sub ohm can dab it nectar collector it what ever no need to use ccells anymore unless U choose 2 .

    The only proper way 2 make THC oil is Lil Yellow Bus Honey Liquidizer will Liquify all forms extracts and once infused will never seperate so smooth on throat and lungs truly a blessing 4 the critically ill patient and 420 710 communities

    We gotta spot waitin 4 u on the Bus

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