Texas salon owner says 'business is booming' after jail sentence

Shelley Luther, owner of Salon a la Mode in Dallas, speaks out on ‘Fox & Friends.’ Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video: …


  1. I can tell this woman Shelley Luther is really enjoying and eating up her 5 minutes of fame every time she gets interviewed by the mainstream media. She's also enjoying the I'm a hero syndrome. Not trying to push a race card but had this been a black hair salon owner she would've remained incarcerated the whole 7 days of her sentencing and would've received no support whatsoever from the state's governor.

  2. White Privilege.Β  Only whites. Imagine if she was black and the sentencing judge was white. She will still be in jail right now. This is what people of color is mad about. White Privilege. Two set of law.Β  Sterotypes.

  3. I bet she's a stylist at fox news and owns the salon but doesn't actually work you know Privlaged $$$?,,,, how much business relief she get IRS $$$?,,,, HOW MUCH THE IRS GETTING $$$?,,,, πŸ‘‘

  4. The judge that sentenced the lady to seven days is a slime ball Who hates our constitution and Bill of Rights and that judge should have been sentenced to a year for each day he sentenced that lady. In case that judge can't count that's 7 years. What a treat that would be.

  5. Yesterday (5/16/20) – Texas reported its highest single-day increase in new COVID-19 cases as restaurants, salons, and cinemas open to the public – Thanks Shelly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. They have taken our rights but still think this is covid is BS and it’s been used to remove our president.
    I’m happy for this lady that she challenged the tyrants. My best wishes for her family and business. Way to go girl!! πŸ‘

  7. It's all about control. And salons are supposed to wear masks. Masks are NOT SAFE. Not because they keep germs from spreading, but because it is not healthy to breath back in the carbon dioxide your breathing expels, and restricting breathing oxygen. Inhibits immune system. Can't stand it for 3 minutes. Imagine the workers who have to wear that for eight hours. They will get sick from that! Check out Dr. But hard. He has many videos explaining this and the other controls and reasons.

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