Tee Grizzley’s First Therapy Session After Prison and Father’s Death | The Therapist

Rapper Tee Grizzley discusses his time spent in jail and how it affected his subsequent rise to fame. This episode of ‘The Therapist’ originally aired on …


  1. Meditation is going to help this young man ascend higher. He is already wise. He is going to save so many lives.

  2. God definitely used you 🙏🏽he has a good heart. I love that some rappers learn from their pain. God bless both these black Kings

  3. He is def correct when he says it's about a relationship and not religion. I have sickle cell disease and I've been through a lot. The most traumatizing is when I was found unresponsive and spent 5 days in a coma. The things I've been through would have a normal person crying!
    I only discuss it if people want to hear it! Faith has gotten me through so much. It's only by divine intervention that I'm still here to be honest. Right now I'm in bed in a sickle cell crisis which is excruciating as I'm waiting on my roxys to kick in. I also have pneumonia in both of my lungs which I am praying clears soon because that's definitely what is triggering my sickle cell a lot! It's a battle but I plan to win the war.

    Despite being in so much pain I'm enrolled into Penn Foster's medical billing and coding program which I started on 2/14/20 & am a straight A student!

    Getting donations is like trying to get ice water in hell… impossible. I find that odd due to how much support someone with cancer would receive sometimes immediately!
    I'll support those when able because this disease is no joke and I just had my right hip replaced 8/22/19. My left hip was replaced June 2014. I may have to get my shoulder replaced due to Avascular Necrosis which basically is when blood flow has been cut off due to frequent sickle cell crisis episodes so the bone collapses which is why my hips were replaced & now possibly my shoulder. It sucks to go through but God is with me and won't give me anything I can't handle.

    I have to pay for my tuition because my school doesn't use financial aid etc. I am graduating May 2021 with certification in medical billing and coding which is a huge deal for me!

    A lot of ppl say they don't donate because they've been scammed but my social media and YouTube channel def show all that I go through. Its heartless to scam anyone and I don't understand how anyone could do that! They'll get their karma for it!


  4. I can't do the industry.. its wicked. It's no way I could give up those closest to me for money!

  5. Your wisdom has always been there Grizzley you just needed to tap into it. So glad that you've found it. I wish you all the success on your journey. You have a glow about you, don't lose it. I would love a follow up of this story. He is a very intriguing soul. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍🙏🏽

  6. Am 17, I seen this niqqa at a house party, getting lit with tlacuaches and shit lol.
    He was just chillin playing beer pong with some niqqa straight tweaking sitting on the side of the table. Me and the homies were 16, it was lit

  7. T-Grizzley you are a blessed being! Please keep good and GOD in your heart. And help ppl in need. That is your calling!

  8. Man this one got to me, boy got some heart. I can relate to him i was going down a bad path and i remember not thinking before I did things. I got thrown on probation and got stuck in the house for a year not allowed to hangout with friends or anyone pretty much house arrest my family would of called my probation officer. All i needed was time to think, tee really got to me.

  9. Awesome this therapist is reaching out to the upcoming rappers and just asking them how they're doing in their lifes. Cool af!!💯💯✌

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